Do you know These 10 Hidden uses of Coconut oil.

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Do you know These 10 Hidden uses of Coconut oil. 

Coconut Oil is diversely used in Many different ways in households all across the world. It is certainly used for cooking and as hair oil, since ages, but the uses of coconut are not limited there are some other ways  by which the Coconut can be used that might surprise you that you may have never can expect.

# Dandruff

One ought to apply around 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (moreover add 10 drops of tree tea oil ) and rub it all around the scalp with a gentle massage. Let it free for one hour, and then shampoo your hair, as you regularly do. No need for conditioner as your hair will be super soft after every repetition . Repeat the same after few days till the problem clears up.

#Cradle Cap

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If you toddler has that funky cradle cap, then just apply a little bit of Coconut oil onto the head, Let it sit, then rub and remove that some of the flakiness off with a soft baby brush to get it off. You can apply the coconut oil frequently as you wish. But ensure that you don’t brush it too much. One ought not to irritate the skin.

#Shaving Cream

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Apply some coconut oil to legs, arms, body backside thighs and wherever you wish.  Then shave it normally as you wish. The oil creates a great barrier and softens the follicles of the hair which makes hair smoother shave.

#Eye Makeup Remover

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Put a little dab on a cotton ball and use to wipe off all that black stuff. Works like a charm.

# Lubricant

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Yes you have heard it right, coco oil serves an excellent lubricant for lovemaking. It possess innate antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it’s a good for not breaking the natural flora of your pant snake. So it is great that latex compatible so if you use the latex condom, then stick to water-based lube only instead.

10 Exceptional uses of Coconut Oil. 

#Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy stretch marks are removed by usage of coconut oil, stick with coconut oil, and it will keep your skin will remain nice and taught.

Steer clear of the bio-oil & other not-so-great oils. Stick with all natural, virgin coconut oil. It has a really pleasant smell, and it works wonders for keeping your skin nice and taught.

#Nipple Cream for Nursing

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In place of Lanolin and Other creams use coconut oil for painful, chapped nips.

# Increase Milk Supply

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A daily dose of 2-3 tablespoon of oil will increase the boob milk production.

#Yeast infection treatment,

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Soak a tablespoon of coconut oil onto a cotton, insert into your V, and leave it for overnight, The results are not evident but it works as it has anti-fungal properties.

# Remineralize Teeth

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Sounds absurd but it is quite right, daily use of coconut oil helps to remineralize your teeth that will help you make stronger teeth.  Just put a teaspoon full of oil under the tongue and gargle back and forth, between lower tongue and teeth for 15 mins.





Do you know These 10 Hidden uses of Coconut oil.