4 Courses to Boost Your Cloud Computing Knowledge

4 Courses to Boost Your Cloud Computing Knowledge

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Nowadays most of the companies already moved to cloud computing and some are moving from the physical storages. Cloud Computing allows the companies to access their data from anywhere anytime. And it is also the safest method to store the data rather than the physical hard drives that your data can’t be stolen or damaged. In this era of technology, you have to adopt the new technologies that launch in the market to compete with others.

Now the question arises that how we learn about the Cloud Computing, sometimes we don’t have enough time to join the classes and also this would be the costlier option. So here is the list of best Cloud Computing courses that works online.

CourseEra: www.coursera.org

Cloud Computing

via|: kinstacdn.com

This Course is developed by the Vanderbilt University and the University of Maryland. The course is free to learn but you have to pay $49 if you want a certification for the same.

edX: www.edx.org

Cloud Computing

via: www.developeit.net

The course is developed by the Senior Lecturer of MIT Ed Barrett and Frank Bentley from Yahoo Labs. This course is well designed and easy to learn no matter you are a professional or a beginner.

Google Developers: developers.google.com

Cloud Computing course

via: www.netsolutions.com

The Cloud Computing course provided by the Google is the most organized course till date. And the best part is that it is completely free so you can just explore their and can start learning.

Microsoft Research: azure.microsoft.com

Cloud Computing Knowledge

via: www.oceanet-technology.com

This Cloud Computing Course is specially designed by Microsoft for the professionals who want to learn and contribute. This is a free course and you can learn cloud infrastructure by Microsoft Azure.

So, explore these free courses and choose the better one which suits your requirements best.

4 Courses to Boost Your Cloud Computing Knowledge