All You Need to Know About the Marine Mammal Blue Whale

All You Need to Know About the Marine Mammal Blue Whale

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All You Need to Know About the Marine Mammal Blue Whale

Blue Whale also known as the Balaenoptera Musculus is considered as the biggest marine mammal that alive and many people have different aspects and thoughts about blue whale so I am sharing with you some truly interesting facts about the blue whale that will amaze you.

Blue Whale Facts

Blue Whale


The blue whale is the largest marine animal that exists.

This massive animal can eat around 36000 Kgs of small species of marine life called krill in a single day.

Blue whales normally swim at the speed over 8 km per hour can reach the speed of 30 km per hour when needed.

Blue whale mainly targets the animals by diving deep in the sea.

Many blue whales got attacked by sharks and many got injuries by collapsing with large ships.

Mostly blue whales swim in small groups but sometimes they can be found alone or in pairs.

We cannot hear the voice of blue whales but they considered as the loudest animals in the world. They communicate with each other with very low frequencies, moans or groans.

Blue whales can hear each other within the distance of around 1600 km.

It is estimated in a survey that now only 10000 to 25000 blue whales are left in the ocean.

Blue Whale Size and Blue Whale weight

Blue Whale Size and Blue Whale Weight


An adult male blue whale may have the length of around 24 meters and an adult female blue whale may have length up to 25 meters. While an adult blue whale may have the weight around 140,000 kgs.

Biggest Blue Whale 

Largest Animal on Earth is Blue Whale


The biggest blue whale founded in the Antarctic Ocean. That was a female with having the weight of around 150 tones (Weight of almost 2000 men) and length of around 30.5 meters.