Amazon India Told Employees No Need to Reply to Emails and Phones after Working Hours

Amazon India Told Employees No Need to Reply to Emails and Phones after Working Hours

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Explore this Amazing Initiative by Amazon India

In India, the technology market is growing exponentially, and the employees are treated like slaves. They’re made to sit down for additional hours irrespective of the truth whether its miles wished or now not. In several businesses, there's a policy to complete a hard and fast range of hours each month. People usually spend 9 hours of their day in the office or even after that they may be made to sit for added hours. Every so often, they're not spared on weekends also. Moreover, the emails and call calls don’t certainly stop. In such a situation, a mean running character reveals it difficult to hold the work-lifestyles balance.

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You will often find a person pissed off with his task and existence as an entire. Employees are treated like slaves, and their personal life is snatched far away from them. The employers treat as though they do a desire by way of giving the employees per week-off or through permitting them to depart early from work.

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Hardly ever do they release that sitting for added hours simply sucks up their productiveness and creativity. They’re made to paintings like robots and no longer humans with brains.

But, Amazon India has taken a tremendous step in keeping these things in mind. Consistent with business, Amazon India Chief Amit Agarwal sent a mail to the senior group of workers members asking them to spend sufficient time to spend at domestic and keep a healthful work-existence concord. He told his personnel to prevent taking calls and emails after hours. He additionally cited that “No Business decision should be made between 6 PM to 8 AM.” He also stated that responding to emails at the same time as on holiday is ‘not cool.’

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Properly, we hope that each one employer shall apprehend this. It’s high time to remember that employees are the belongings of a company, now not slaves. They get paid for the 8 hours they spend. This step by Amazon is appreciable.

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