Amla Tea for Weight Loss: Program to Burn Calories Faster

Amla Tea for Weight Loss: Program to Burn Calories Faster

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Weight Loss Program: Introducing Amla Tea for Quick Fat Burn

Amla for weight loss

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Amla or  Indian Gooseberry is well accepted for its diverse health benefits. Amla is blessed with the chromium which maintain blood glucose levels. Amla is  perfect slimming agent to burn calories.

This green fruit is loaded with plenty of nutrients and healing properties, that is why they were extensively used  in kitchen in ancient times, Amla is used for a number of ways in health related problems beauty problems both in common health and as well as beauty problems. Amla is powerful ingredient to augment your weight loss diet. Amla Juice is known to be one of the best Indian juices if concerns are related to quick fat burn and weight loss. However there is one more thing which you can incorporate in your diet i,e Amla Tea.

Is Amla Helps in weight Loss?

The sour and pungent fruit of amla is packed with Vitamin C, iron and calcium and therefore, is boon for skin, hair and overall body health.
So it is good for health as its nature crosses the boundaries of season and body type. Amla tea is  perfect  blend for all those who want to slim down naturally. It is a day starter made by boiling amla powder and ginger together in water.

Indian Gooseberry Nutrition & Benefits of Amla as a tool for Weight Loss Program

Amla for weight loss

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Rich in Antioxidants 

Amla tea  is loaded with antioxidants that fight inflammation. Research suggest that there is link with weight gain and inflammation.

Amla is great Digestion booster,

As it is  rich in fibre that makes it great for boosting digestion. A healthy digestives system is great for effective weight loss.

Amla regulate blood sugar levels,

As the fruit contain chromium which regulate blood glucose levels. Consuming Amla may be therefore, prevent sudden rise and fall of blood pressure, thereby preventing diabetes, and causing weight gain.

Metabolism Booster:

Amla is good metabolisc bo rate enhancer that burn more calories. Besides all amla detoxify body by gushing out toxins accumulated in the body and liver.

Energy booster

Raw Amla fruit speed Up the process of protein synthesis, thereby provide energy to boost the body. This aids to stay focused and allows one to work better and thus burn more calories.

Can We Eat Amla in Empty Stomach ?

Amla for weight loss

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It is well known that Amla is rich source of Vitamin C, that makes the fruit acidic. Amla is prescribed for consuming empty stomach so that it may flush out toxins, but it can also trigger acidity.  If someone is hypersensitive to such foods avoid eating it.

Amla Tea Recipe for Weight Loss Program

To  prepare Amla tea all you require is one and one fourth cups of water added a teaspoon of coarse amla, powder, added some fresh crushed ginger thereafter add water to it and put it on medium flame on gas stove, Let it boil till the water into it reduces to one cup. Strain the drink into another vessel to filter out the sediments and then allow it to cool for some time. If you desire to add sweetness to it just add some honey to it.

Amla Tea for Weight Loss: Program to Burn Calories Faster