Best Destinations to Visit in Monsoon In India

Best Destinations to Visit in Monsoon In India

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Nowadays, visiting from one place to another everybody wants. India is the best country that offers a variety of natural cultural experiences, historical places, and more! Millions of foreign people come to India to see India’s best places, such as Mumbai, New Dehli, Goa, Udaipur, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Agra, Chennai, Varanasi, and Shimla.

Many of us like to visit in monsoon in India. That’s a rare choice of visit in monsoon. This year, the monsoon is at its peak and you should enjoy the heavenly monsoon showers at India’s best travel destinations. Here are the best destinations to visit during monsoon in India.



Situated in Kerala, Munnar is the best romantic locale for visitors in India. Its natural beauty attracts people to explore and enjoy, especially in monsoons. Many wildlife lovers, family travelers, adventure-enthusiast or nature lovers come to Munnar to see its best romantic attractions. Tea Gardens, Top Station, Kalari Kshethra, Rajamalai National Park, and Munnar Hiking Trails are the top attractions in Munnar to see. You can reach Munnar via bus and train transport. Plan to visit Munnar to get a rain experience in the monsoon!



Kodaikanal is one of the top beautiful places to visit during the monsoon in India. Many travelers come to Kodaikanal to see its best attractions in the monsoon. Located in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has the greatest climate, mist-covered manicured cliffs, and a waterfall that attracts several tourists. If you are an adventure lover, Kodaikanal is the perfect destination in the monsoon to visit.

This place offers an excellent climate and allows people to do some activities, from trekking to cycling and sightseeing. Tourists can enjoy its scenic beauty during the rains in the filmy style!



Situated in Rajasthan, Udaipur is known as the city of lakes. It is popular for its most beautiful blends of culture and scenic beauty. Try to visit Udaipur in this monsoon. Lake Pichola, City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Shri Ekling Ji Temple, and Jagdish Temple are the top attractions of Udaipur.

If you plan to visit India’s best places in the monsoon, Udaipur is one of the greatest choices. Visit Udaipur to get its unique beauty and rain experience during this monsoon! You can reach it via rail and bus transportation.



We can’t miss Mussoorie, which is called The Queen of Hill Stations. Situated in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the monsoon. It is practically a weekend getaway for people who live in North Indians. With commanding views of the underlying Doon Valley, the place is more popular among tourists. Mussoorie has some attractions, including SOHAM Himalayan Centre, Lal Tibba Scenic Point, Company Garden, Camel's Back Road, and Cloud's End, which make this place more popular in India. Plan to visit Mussoorie this monsoon if you want to visit India's most beautiful and rainy destinations. You can visit Mussoorie via rail transport and bus.



Leh-Ladakh is one of the most-visited destinations in the monsoon in India. For some years, tourists are not allowed in Leh-Ladakh, due to many reasons! But now Leh-Ladakh is open for tourists but at their own risk.

It is the best tourist destination to visit during the monsoon in India. It is a cold desert and has deserted hills, crystal clear lakes, and serene Buddhist monasteries, which attract several tourists each year! If you are a travel lover, consider choosing it for an amazing experience of natural beauty in the monsoon.



Lonavala is another best tourist place to visit in monsoon in India. Located in Maharashtra, Lonavala is a top-rated tourist destination in India, offering natural beauty, natural wonders, and other religious attractions. Della Adventure Park, Lohagad Fort, Pavana Lake, Shree Narayani Dham Temple, and Karla Caves are the top attractions of Lonavala to visit in monsoon. Make a plan for a trip to Lonavala this year if you really go to India’s best tourist attraction in the monsoon.


Now, the season of this monsoon is at its peak. You can plan to visit one of these India-based tourist destinations.

These destinations are known for various reasons, including natural beauty, lakes, and other religious attractions. Several people visit these places in monsoon. It’s recommended to check all aspects of these tourist destinations before choosing one

Best Destinations to Visit in Monsoon In India