Best Foods that will make You Happier than Ever

Best Foods that will make You Happier than Ever

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Check out these Best Foods that will make You Happier than Ever

Food is the most essential thing for any human being to live and we all know that our mood changes when we are hungry. But there are some foods are also available that are enough to make you happy. Here I am sharing some of those best foods that will make you happier than ever. Check out them below.

Blue potatoes

Best Foods that will make You Happier

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This is very rare but unique food item that helps to improve our mood and makes us happier. Generally, you will not see this potato in normal grocery shops but you can easily grab this one from the shopping malls or larger groceries. There is an antioxidant named as anthocyanin is present in blue potato that helps to reduce brain inflammation. This directly refers to reduce depression or stress.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Eggs are one of the most common foods that we consume regularly in our daily life and the intake increases in winters. We all know that eggs are a great source of protein but other than that eggs also contain a higher level of vitamin B, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine. These all are enough to make you healthier and happier than ever. So, include eggs in your daily habit to stay fit.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Tomatoes are one of those foods that we add to almost every recipe. In India when we prepare any kind of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish we use tomatoes as a side ingredient. This brings texture and taste to our food. Other than this, tomatoes contain a great antioxidant named as lycopene that works magically to reduce brain inflammation and to keep you happy.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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The purest form of honey is the best food that you can ever imagine. It has all the ingredients that make this great including microelements, mineral substances, vitamins, kaempferol, ferments, quercetin, and a high amount of sugar. All of these truly work to make you healthier just by reducing brain inflammation. Also, it helps to make the immune system stronger and gives you energy.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Asparagus is a very rich source of tryptophan and folic acid. Tryptophan is the main thing that our brain uses to develop serotonin that is responsible for the betterment of your mood. Asparagus contains many other ingredients other than these two including Vitamin B1, B2, B9, A, C, E, PP, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and much more.

Swiss chard

Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Swiss chard is one of the rare kinds of food but you can find it in many groceries. This is the richest source of magnesium that is the main reason for nervous imbalance. In research, it has been proved that if a person’s magnesium level decreases then you can assume that the person is suffering from depression or stress. So, it makes you happier and helps you to stay fit.

Dark chocolate

Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Dark chocolate is one of the favourite foods amongst youth and it is also said that dark chocolate is the best mood maker. Other than this, dark chocolate is a very good source of energy. It helps to improve your concentration and your brain’s blood flow. It helps you to stay younger because of its antioxidant property. This one is darker because it doesn’t contain milk rather than that it contains chocolate liquor and cocoa.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Consumption of shellfishes is increased in recent years and now you can easily find them in regular groceries. Shell fishes are very rich in vitamin B12 and also contain protein, iodine, zinc and selenium. Apart from these shellfishes are very low in terms of fat and calories. These are the perfect food to boost your mood and to make you happy always.


Best Foods that will make You Happier

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Coconuts are widely used in our homes in the form of raw, oil or texture. Coconut provides multiple health and medicinal benefits to our body and mind. Similarly, coconut contains a substance named as triglycerides that is the main mood booster and help to stay fit and happy. You can also consume coconut milk that is also a mood booster.

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