Best MP3 Players | A New Way of Listening

Best MP3 Players | A New Way of Listening

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Explore the Best MP3 Players to Listen Your Favorite Music

The modern era is showing a rapid increment in the quantities of gadgets and gizmos along with their frequency of production. There was a time when iPod had a firm monopoly over the MP3 market and the internet information on best MP3 players was crowded with words like iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod amazon, iPod apps, iPod armband, and iPod adapter but now there are other players too giving them a tough competition. Best MP3 players are still being used by a vast amount of music lovers and dynamic options are introduced every day in terms of beauty and performance. The mp3 players buy online trend is also popular nowadays but you have to know few basic even before you show interest so here we are presenting you a brief introduction of all the top-class MP3 players which we have gathered by observing the market and we hope it will help you chose the ones that suit you best. Not just for music but for knowledge also because in a few mp3 players audiobooks can be read too.

Best MP3 Players | FiiO M3 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: indianexpress.com

It’s a pocket-sized MP3 player having 8GB of inbuilt memory and a microSD card slot which is cost-effective and user-friendly. The main feature of this device is its ability to play an audio in its lossless version. The audio features are remarkably excellent. Along with its two-inch color display, it unleashes the capacity of your headphones by giving 100 Ohms to boost their power. The price is noticeably affordable. There are some products which are not limited to a special class of customers and deliberately made to reach as many music lovers as possible. FiiO M3 is surely one of them.

Disadvantages – There is a huge scope of improvement in the user interface.

Best MP3 Players | Sony NWE395 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: bestadvisor.com

This MP3 player is rock solid and cost-effective with dependability but the best feature is its battery which can even last up to 35 hours after charging once so forgetting your charger in a short journey is not much of a problem with this device. The FM radio facility is also available along with the integration with Apple iTunes. You don’t have to worry about the space either because the storage is up to 16GB. It is very hard to get such features at this price range so if the budget is your concern along with good quality entertainment, then you should definitely consider Sony NWE395.

Disadvantages – Some users might be disappointed by the quality of the audio.

Best MP3 Players | Apple iPod Touch (6th generation) –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: youtube.com

Apple has successfully maintained its level of deliverance in all of its products and Apple iPod Touch is not an exception as well. It will not be an exaggeration to call it is the best quality MP3 player available in the market. This device has sported the same processor as you find in the iPhone6. It has even got the retina display along with an iOS. The extra features which you will not find in most MP3 players are its 8 Megapixel camera and the access to the apps and games that you also find in an iPhone or an iPad.

Disadvantages – The battery life can prove to be a major issue and you will be disappointed if you expect the screen to be as good as their phone.

Best MP3 Players | Onkyo DP-X1 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: amazon.com

This device is a strong competitor of the best MP3 players out there in the market. It is very easy to install apps on this device because of its Android platform. You can also stay updated with your emails and social networking along with listening to music. The device has a variety of powerful features like packing dual headphone amps and DACs along with being super connective with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as two audio jacks which are 2.5 and 3.5 millimeters. The price is reasonably cheap compared to the other devices of its quality range.

Disadvantages – The size could be smaller.

Best MP3 Players | Astell&Kern AK Jr –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: cnet.com

It is very cost effective compared to the other products of this brand. The prominent features of this brand are its beautifully polished Aluminium body and a10-band equalizer along with Wolfson WM8740 x1 DAC. You will not have to look for mp3 players expandable memory because built-in memory is 64GB here and the screen is 3.1 inch. It has also got the touchscreen facility. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and it facilitates a slot for your memory card.

Disadvantage -The headphones do not come with this device so you will have to spend some extra money on buying them.

Best MP3 Players | SanDisk Clip Sport –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: heytc.com

A gorgeous looking device with its vibrant color and small size. Even though it is very cheap, it comes with a nice pair of earphones unlike Astell&Kern AK Jr Once you charge it, it can facilitate you with the playback of 25 hours. It is very affordable compared to what it provides. The color display is 1.44-inch and it gives you an FM radio facility with a memory that can expand. All in all, it is very eye catchy along with smooth performance that lasts longer than most of the MP3players.

Disadvantages – The device is more sensitive than we expect it to be.

Best MP3 Players | FiiO X7 –

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Image Credits: avprogear.com

This device is fully loaded with a vast as well as a dynamic variety of cutting-edge features and it is one of the best devices to choose from. It can do much more compared to the other MP3 players of its price range. The external controls are very user-friendly and the audio quality is exceptional. Its 3500Mah battery makes sure that you don’t have to worry about charging it frequently. The navigation interface is extremely flexible due to the Android platform in this metal clad MP3 player. In short, price and performance are balanced out nicely.

Disadvantages – Some of the UI features are missing.

Best MP3 Players | Apple iPod Nano (7th generation) –

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Image Credits: maandii.com

Once again one of the best brands comes up with their one of the best products. Trust is not an issue here because this is the most powerful iPod nano device in terms of performance. The 7th generation gives you a vast variety of goodies including 2.5-inch screen along with a touchscreen facility, Bluetooth connectivity and a great support for a video playback. If you are looking for mp3 players with FM radio, FM radio feature is available too. The specialty of this device apart from all other features is its super lightweight Apple EarPods and the vibrant variety of colors that it comes in. Absolutely recommended for the most passionate music lovers. Perhaps one of the best option among mp3 players with Bluetooth. This also clearly falls under best mp3 players download songs category because of its adaptability.

Disadvantages – Althoughmp3 players better than iPod are hard to find, the features here are very limited even though the price is high. Screen resolution is not very impressive.

Best MP3 Players | Astell&Kern AK380 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: keeweeshop.com

It’s definitely not for a regular user by far. If you are ready to pay thousands of dollars for your love of music, you might think about going for Astell&Kern AK380. The built is made from carbon fiber and metal. DSD playback is available along with a strong support for all kinds of file formats. It is one of the best gadgets in terms of Wi-Fi connectivity. The super awesome sound quality of this top-class gadget is actually due to its digital to analog converters. The touchscreen navigation is very smooth.

Disadvantages – Only rich people can afford such a gadget and still it doesn’t come with headphones.

Best MP3 Players | Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: cnet.com

Sony is a well-reputed brand in the audio industry so you can obviously expect a certain level of quality with this device. The overall look is very smooth and slim. One of the main selling features of this device is, it can stand 50 hours after charging once. Its audio playback supports a high resolution. Other prominent features are its 2.25-inch color screen display and an inbuilt memory of 64 GB. The interface is very flexible and operates smoothly. FM radio facility is also available on this sleek device.

Disadvantages – Plastic back looks mediocre. The built looks fragile and you have to manually scroll in your playlist. It doesn’t come along with the headphones so be ready to spend some extra money.

Best MP3 Players | FiiO X3-II –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: youtube.com

The price is affordable if you look at its beautifully polished metal body with matte finished. Performance wise, it has introduced some of the high-end facilities like providing you the top-class Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC and audiophiles. The interface is very powerful along with the battery which is rechargeable. Overall, it is capable of generating the best quality audio. Having huge audio files is not a problem because there is a microSD card to store enough of them. It is also very user-friendly because it allows a number of lossless formats.

Disadvantages – Some users might be disappointed with the sound quality.

Best MP3 Players | Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: cnet.com

Sony doesn’t believe in compromising quality and this NW-ZX2 is no exception. The device has a high range of audio playback support and it’s a high range product that runs on an Android platform enabling you to play various games along with installing apps. It has a metal built and the controls are very creative. Sound quality is exceptional along with the battery life. It also comes with a beautiful looking case made of leather.

Disadvantages – They have provided you with the case but not headphones which are weird. The price is also higher from being called affordable.

Best MP3 Players | Pono Music PonoPlayer –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: digitaltrends.com

This is the coolest and cutest looking device out of all. The brand started as an idea of Neil Young, an amazing musician. Because of that, it was very obvious to get a good start. It supports many of the lossless file formats and it’s also capable of playing a high-resolution audio. The design is very smart and it also facilitates an online store if you are a high-resolution audio collector.

Disadvantages – The interface is not impressive at all and not many people like to own a banana yellow device. It doesn’t fall under mp3 players best price category by far.

Best MP3 Players | Sony Walkman 4GB Headphone-Integrated NW-WS413 –

best mp3 players

Image Credits: gearopen.com

A futuristic looking device for a brand that is always one step ahead than the competitors in terms of sound quality. It has 4GB of inbuilt memory and the battery can stand up to 12 hours after charging. NW-WS413 is completely water resistant along with being a comfort fit so if you are a sports person or stay very active during the whole day, it will suit you perfectly.

Disadvantages – Bluetooth and mic features are absent, you will have to swap the earbuds and it is expensive too.

Conclusion –

If money is not the case in best mp3 players comparison, you can even spend thousands of dollars in your quest for a supreme sound quality but that is not the case with everyone. The most advisable thing to do is to seek a proper balance in all the features like navigation, sound quality, battery, and budget. Decide your budget and write down your feature priorities to find out that which ones of the described above supply your demands at your price. The best mp3 players for running might be totally different from the best mp3 players for cars. If you are looking for more mp3 players reviews, the further information on this subject can be derived from searching words like mp3 players amazon prime and mp3 players app download with your search engine.

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