Big Little Lies Season 2 will be Aired on HBO in 2019

Big Little Lies Season 2 will be Aired on HBO in 2019

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Big Little Lies season 2 TV series will be telecasted on HBO in 2019

Big Lilttle Lies season 2

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Madeline, Celeste and Jane are the characters of the trio of wealthy women that lived in Monterey, California. Their lives get into troubles when a murder took place in the peaceful town unfolding a can of worms.

Big little lies TV series airs on HBO under directorial guide of Jean-Marc Vallee

Awards received Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited series.

Production Locations Monterey, Los Angeles, Malibu.

Big Little Lies season 2:  Everything you wanted to know.

After the grand success of first season, It was established that after the first season the second season will be produced which is delight for fans all over.

Below are the particulars regarding the Golden Globe winning show.

Big Little Lies Season Two: Everything You Need To Know

Executive producers Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman were preoccupied who are characterized as Madeline Mackenzie and Celeste Wright respectively are offered $1 million per episode reported Hollywood Reporter.

As announced by HBO the rest of the cast will be same Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz are officially confirmed.

Alexander Skarsgard will repeat his role of Perry Wright.

What will happen?

Big Little Lies Trailer Overview

As per the network. We can expect lies, the true lasting friendships, the feebleness of marriage, and  of course, the relationships will break, loyalties will be eroded, and prospective body injury and emotional  breakdown will occur.

The central character will be enforced to face the truth of Perry's death. At the mean time, Madeline will understand her personal marriage, While Renata will had to face new challenges besides this Jane will try to rebuild her family and would explore once the woman she was.  Bonnie will struggle to change her actions and demons of the past whom she would struggle to fight. Madeline will come to understand her own marriage and must come to terms with her own marriage and Celeste is "adrift, but determined to fight for her family and find the woman she once was.

When will they start filming?

Big Lilttle Lies season 2


Filming will start this year, But with certain changes, compared to first season. Academy awards winner filmmaker Andrea Arnold will replace Jean-Marc Vallee as director. We are deeply grateful to Jean-Marc Vallee. His vision of the characters the way by which we were guided by him. He put his artistry along with heart and soul into it. As he is busy we did tried and accommodate him but failed and viewers wanted us to start the season soon.

Witherspoon welcomes Arnold to the family of Big little lies season 2.

When will season two be released?

As it is not confirmed on a particular date, it is predicted that second series will air in 2019 and no chances for show telecast on HBO in 2018.

Big Little Lies Book

Big Lilttle Lies season 2

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Big little lies is a book scripted by Liane Moriarty, published in July 2014, by Penguin Publishers. The book is marked as bestseller in New York. The Novel is based on Fiction, Mystery, Suspense and Crime.

Big Little Lies Cast

Big Lilttle Lies season 2

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Series Cast 

Big little lies IMDB                 

Big little Lies is a Television series, featuring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. The evident perfect lives of three mothers of first grader repeating the point of Murder.

Creator: David.E Kelley.

Big Little Lies Netflix

Big little lies premiere

As for its telecast of Big Little Lies  on Netflix it can be said that it would Not be screened on Netflix on any such platforms around the world. The Netflix relations with HBO are lacking the telecast of show since HBO will only put her programs on its own channels. So anyone willing to watch the show had to subscribe HBO Go and HBO now.

Big Little Lies Season 2 will be Aired on HBO in 2019