Its Rattlesnake Vs. Bobcat live watch video.

Its Rattlesnake Vs. Bobcat live watch video.

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Rattlesnake Vs. Bobcat live, watch video

Survival of the fittest.

Bobcat Vs. Rattlesnake watch video


Just click above image to see the brawl. 

Southwestern US and particularly Arizona is the land of rattlesnakes and bobcats and considering them brawl is a common spectacle for the locals. Like any other living being, they also clash the clash of survival of the fittest.

A video of this clash was captured by a local property agent Laura Lucky whilst she was on a location visit along with a pair from northern California.

It is assumed that Arizona has been subjugated by these two animals for ages, even prior to human existed.

To offer the customers a flavor of wildlife that existed in the west, Lucky clogged her car for the pair to see the challenge live while she captured it.

It is to be illustrious that Bobcats are resistant to rattlesnake poison. It is rattlesnake season right now, and snakes are approaching out in the hot conditions.