Business VOIP Solutions | All You Need to Know About

Business VOIP Solutions | All You Need to Know About

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All You Need to Know About Business VOIP Solutions

VoIP or Voice over IP Protocol is the solution from which you can make cheaper phone calls anywhere around the globe. VoIP solutions for small business are needed by every BPO company to make free calls globally. There are plenty of business VoIP service providers are available in the below list enlists the companies that they provide the best business VoIP solutions for small business:

NetVanta 7100 by Adtran

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Source www.zdtronic.com

NetVanta 7100 by Adtran would be the cheapest and smartest option if you are looking for internet phone service for business. NetVanta 7100 will not cost you much as well as it is very easy to deploy and maintain. Also, you can maintain it on your own without hiring extra manpower.

PBXtra by Fonality

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Source www.eweek.com

From the well-known business communication company Fonality, PBXtra is a virtual receptionist phone system for small businesses that facilitates you with phones, a server, network connection, and switch. This easy to implement business VoIP solutions is an open source so it is very flexible to implement for the users.

SBCS by Cisco

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Source www.selectsyss.com

The SBCS VoIP (Smart Business Communications System) is a complete package of business VOIP solutions from one of the best networking companies Cisco. The system is also adds networking, unified communications, and systems management. It also provides security solutions such as switching, firewalls, and messaging. This system also provides the wireless facility with a single drawback that it is slightly complex while using.

BCM 50 by Nortel

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Source www.best4systems.co.uk

The BCM (Business Communication Manager) 50 is the hybrid small business phone service provider by the Nortel facilitates you with both digital and IP phones. By using this you can add up to 50 users and it provides features including call center, unified messaging, paging, and conferencing.

VoIP Services that are hosted

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Source i0.wp.com

Small businesses don’t require buying their own business VoIP solutions every time as they can hire or can lease the types of equipment and services on a monthly or yearly basis according to the requirements. These hosted VoIP services facilitate the users with adaptability, no investments, change possibilities and updates.

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Business VOIP Solutions | All You Need to Know About