Canadian PM Justin Trudeau trolled on Internet

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau trolled on Internet

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau trolled on Internet

Holla readers, I hope you all are having a good day, because someone isn’t. Yes, you read it right. Canadian PM couldn’t escape the most feared Internet Trolls on him.

The Canadian PM is on a week-long trip to India basically to appease their Sikh voter base back in Canada. Justin will be standing again for PM electorate and since the Sikhs form the biggest group in Canada, Justin is working day and night, taking all the chances he can take to make his Sikh voter base happy. On Wednesday, Justin and his family visited the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar and also took part in seva (service) by making chapatis in the kitchen for the people who were having langar there. This is where the internet keyboard wars started and every troll page was in a race to make the best troll out of Justin and his family. From popular chefs to common troll pages, every one there bite out it. Here’s what the popular chef vikas Khanna has to say about Justin’s visit to the Golden Temple. “Teaching the beloved Trudeau family to roll Breads at The Holy Golden Temple. The same place where I learnt to cook.” [ state vikas’s twitter handle here.] Justin also wrote down his experience of the Golden Temple in the visitor’s book of temple.

“What an honour to be so well received at such a beautiful, meaningful place. We are
filled with grace and humility.”
[ state here the twitter handles of ANI showing the message written by Justin]
Justin’s visit to Golden temple was noticed by Twiteratti and they couldn’t stop
themselves from commenting on the handwriting of the Canadian PM which
they found too bad. Here are few reactions:
[ paste all the twitter handles of people showing their trolls. ]

Why is Canadian PM so interest in India at this time of the year?

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will be standing in PM electorates where he will
need the votes of the Canadian Sikh community. The Canadian Sikh community is
the largest community in Canada with almost 5 lakhs Sikhs or more. This makes
them the largest community in Canada and thus their votes have a leverage for
any party. The Canadian PM is on a week-long visit of India only to win the hearts
of the Canadian Sikh Community.

But here’s the catch. You may wonder why India is being so rude with the
Canadian PM and his family. PM and staff didn’t even greeted him on the airport
as soon as he landed in India. Also, Justin’s Agra trip is not taken care by and
national level official but is taken care by district level official.

This rudeness with the Canadian PM is due to his interaction with the rebellion
Sikh group called as the Khalsa group. You may wonder what’s so bad about this
group? Well for starters everything is bad in this group as they demand the
separation of our beloved Punjab from India and want to name it as Khalistan.
The Canadian PM needs votes to win and so he is catering Khalsa group’s ideology
and this is what upsets the Indian government most.

Do share your thoughts on The Khalsa group and if the Canadian PM is doing right
by catering to their needs? Also, what do you think about these trolls made at the
highlighted personality or on anyone for that matter. Isn’t this practice a bit mean