Coronavirus or COVID-19 | All You Need to Know About

Coronavirus or COVID-19 | All You Need to Know About

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Check out All the Important Points about Coronavirus or COVID-19

Nowadays the world is suffering from a deadly virus named as Coronavirus or COVID-19 (Scientific Code Name of the Virus) and every country is trying to overcome this. We all are in the phase of pandemic and we should know the details of this deadly virus to protect ourselves from this. Here I am going to share some most important points about this virus check out them below.

About the Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19

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Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a viral infection or we can say respiratory illness (similar to flu) that spread through various ways and can affect anybody without any specification. This virus consists of normal flu symptoms like cough, fever or in worse condition breathing problems. In India, we all are facing lockdown imposed by the Government of India to prevent spreading this deadly virus amongst citizens. Many countries are facing several deaths and many affected by this virus. Here are the symptoms, things-to-do, prevention and the helpline numbers to get help from the government.

Who Can Be Affected

Coronavirus or COVID-19

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This deadly virus can affect any human being no matter your age, health conditions or any other condition that you think. But it can be spread or can affect more effectively if you are older in age or if you have medical conditions (pre-existing) such as heart diseases, asthma or diabetes.


Coronavirus or COVID-19

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Although many times the symptoms of this virus start showing its effect in later days, the major symptoms are as follows.

  • Dry Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • High Fever
  • Facing difficulty in Breathing

If you are experiencing such symptoms then you should contact one of the helpline numbers provided by Government of India or respective State Governments or contact to your local nearby Government governed hospital.

How it Can be Spread

Coronavirus or COVID-19

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This virus has many ways to spread from one human to another but the main ways are as follows.

  • Via Air by Sneezing or Coughing
  • Personal Contact with Virus Affected Human
  • Contaminated Objects Like Surfaces or Things that Consist Virus
  • Mass Gathering

The main reason for spreading the virus is that it can be spread through the surfaces or through the affected people and you don’t know who is affected if you are in a mass gathering.

What You Should Do and What Not

Coronavirus or COVID-19

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It is a saying that “ Prevention is better than Cure” and this phrase is perfectly fit for this deadly virus and we can only prevent this to spread by using some ways. Here I am sharing those check out them and try to implement in your daily routine.

  • Wash Your Hands Regularly after Multiple Times or when you touch any Surface or meet with any Person
  • Wear a Face Mask if you are Feeling Unwell or Going to Outdoor for Any Reason
  • Avoid Contact with Anyone who Consists any Symptom of Sickness, Coughing or Sneezing
  • If you are Sneezing or Coughing then Cover your face with a tissue and through that in a covered dust bin
  • Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose or Eyes if You have not Washed Your Hand for Long

By using these steps you can protect yourself from this deadly virus. Also, share these and instruct these to your family members to protect them.

Helpline Numbers for Coronavirus in India

Here I am going to share the state-wise helpline numbers for the citizens of India to get help from coronavirus. Check out them below.

Coronavirus or COVID-19Coronavirus or COVID-19

If you are facing difficulty or have any issues regarding this Coronavirus or COVID-19 then should contact to your local government for help and also share these with your friends and family to protect and aware them also about this deadly disease. Stay protected, be wise and stay safe.

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Coronavirus or COVID-19 | All You Need to Know About