Bug in Facebook | You Even Not Noticed Ever

Bug in Facebook | You Even Not Noticed Ever

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How this Bug Took Place in Facebook? And What is the Solution?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform nowadays. Every single person who uses internet relies on Facebook to connect with others. But have you ever noticed that there is a bug in Facebook? Let’s check out what it is and how can it be resolved?

The weird bug in Facebook

Bug in facebook


It is a very usual error in Facebook but you might not even notice till now. As we all know that when we want to connect with others on Facebook, we have to send them a friend request to them. If the receiver knows the sender or likes to connect with the sender, he accepts the friend request and now both can share stuff to each other or if not he rejects the friend request or can block the person if required.

Now suppose you sent a friend request to your friend, then your friend receives the request for accepting. But if your friend doesn’t see the notification of friend request and sends you to request to connect then he will get a Facebook error similar to the below image. That's why it seems like bug in Facebook.

Bug in facebook

Now, what’s the Solution?

I think this would be the simplest thing to manage this bug in Facebook. The user must get the message stating “You already got the friend request from this person, Please see the notification panel for details.”

So that user doesn’t get confused with this simple thing. We hope we will get this feature from Facebook soon.

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Bug in Facebook | You Even Not Noticed Ever