Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel - Dear Pet Owners, No Need to be Tensed Concerning Fireworks Sound

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel - Dear Pet Owners, No Need to be Tensed Concerning Fireworks Sound

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For all those pet owners and lovers out there, we have something interesting for you down here. One of the greatest worries for any pet owner amid festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and New Year Celebrations is the noise from firecrackers. That noise might not be enough irritating for us, but makes a ton of torture for our pets.

So, for a solution to this problem, the American automaker Ford has introduced a "Noise-Cancelling Kennel" by using the noise cancellation technology from their topmost luxury cars.

How Does The Noise Cancellation Mechanism Work?

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel

The innovation works by detecting the sound of the fireworks using a microsensor outside the kennel, a built-in audio system emits opposing frequencies that in effect cancels out the noise completely – or at least reduces it significantly. High-density cork, ideal for sound-proofing was an integral part of the design.

Ford Motors -

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel

"The idea was inspired by the noise-canceling technology that we have introduced to the Edge SUV, that helps to ensure quieter journeys for drivers and passengers. When microphones pick up high levels of noise from the engine or transmission, this is counteracted using opposing sound waves from the car’s audio system.".

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel Design

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel

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The way Ford designed the kennel needs to be highly appreciated, the kennel looks very attractive both on the inside and outside. And this is something which every pet owner would love to keep inside their homes over time. Apart from all that, it also comes equipped with high noise bounce back structures to stop the vibrations made from the loud bangs of the fireworks by absorbing it or making it bounce back.

Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel

We all are very well aware of the fact that Dogs are capable of hearing multiple times superior to people, over a wide scope of frequencies. So this is a perfect product for your furry companion to provide him with great sleep experience without any interruption and unwanted annoying sound from firecrackers.

Note: Ford Noise-Cancelling Kennel is still a concept, but the company is planning to soon launch in the global markets after accomplishing all the necessary tests and verifications.

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