Gay Breeding-Good or Bad?

Gay Breeding-Good or Bad?

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Propagation is a slang appearance used to describe the process of ejaculating inside another man during bareback anal sex. Gay Breeding is a high-risk activity that greatly increases the chances of transmitting or contracting HIV and other STDs because it will not involve by using a condom. This refers not only to be on the obtaining end but on the ejaculating end of the sexual equation as well.




The use of the term - as in "breed me" or "I want to reproduce you" or “Gay Breeding” -- is most common in private or I-barely-know-him sex. Only as in heterosexual making love, however, it requires a deep level of trust, familiarity, and intention. With heterosexual sex, there is out there both the risk of pregnancy and sexually sent diseases. Gay sex dodges the pregnancy bullet, but infection is still a real risk.

The hazards of Gay Breeding

It doesn't subject if you're top or bottom, your exposure to HIV and other Sexually transmitted diseases is the same when you engage in mating. By definition, no condom or any other form of protection is included.

Quite simply, it's OK and correctly safe if most likely in a fairly long-lasting relationship with anyone who has recently been tested and does not set you at risk for Gay Breeding. If, on the other hand, you engage in unprotected sex with a stranger or someone who is barely recognized by you, you may well be at risk depending on his history and health.

It may cause an HIV disease if having without taking protection, but Don't quiet down of relief yet. That's actually pretty high, even though it includes other adding to factors, such as available cuts, tears or sores. Unprotected anal sex is considered one of the riskiest activities for intimately transmitted diseases because of physical factors unique to the anus: more vulnerable skin and an absence of lubrication.

And, obviously, HIV is merely one of the health risks away there in Gay Breeding. Anal penetration also puts you at risk for herpes, HPV, hepatitis B, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. The anus is a fertile environment in which chlamydia and gonorrhea can grow with Gay Breeding.