How Dark Web Mechanism Works & How Can You Access that - Explained

How Dark Web Mechanism Works & How Can You Access that - Explained

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What is the Dark Web & How to Access It?  

Normally when we want to access a site we use the particular search engine to access that but sometimes it is essential to surfing the websites that are not shown in the search engines than to access such sites the dark web helps you to do so. Let’s check it out how it works and about the facts of the dark web.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web refers to the part of the World Wide Web that is hidden or we can say not available on the search engines or requires special permission or software to access them.

How can I see the dark web?

However, some unique sites are available on the net that is not indexed in search engines that means you can explore them only by directly typing the URL.

What exactly is the dark web?

The dark web is exactly the special type of sites that are difficult to track but easy to explore and also their hosting site or server on that the site is running is not traceable. Due to its confidentiality, the dark web has both the positive and negative aspects at the same time.

Is it illegal to use the deep web in India?

That totally depends on the site you are exploring. Though in India it’s not illegal to surf the dark or deep web and there are no rules define to access these sites.

Are the Deep Web and dark Web the same?

Dark Web


Basically, the dark web is the small part of the deep web. The difference between the dark and deep web is in the applications. The deep web is accessible by all but not indexed in the search engines. The main applications of the dark web and deep web you can figure out by the above image.

Is Tor safe in India?

Actually, you can use Tor in India without any worries because Tor is used to be anonymous on the web and anonymity is not illegal in any country. Rather you are accessing websites that are illegal. To know more about the Tor browser just Read More.

Is it safe to use the Dark Web?

It is not the safest way of browsing the net as you can be affected by malware or could be a victim of fraudulent activities. So you should take extra safety measures to surf the dark web.

Is the dark web the Internet?

The dark web is basically the World Wide Web content lies under the darknets and you need extra software, configurations or authentication to surf the dark web.

How big is the Dark Web?



The dark web consists of around 96% of World Wide Web content as you can see on the above image.


When you are going to access the websites that are hidden or developed for the special purposes the dark web helps you but it has negative aspects also that it can be misused in many manners. So you should take extra care while accessing the dark web.