How to Get Rid of Razor Burn - Treat, Soothe and Prevent

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn - Treat, Soothe and Prevent

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How to get rid of razor burn (Treat, Soothe and Prevent)

In today’s modern and corporate world, being presentable and looking attractive is the necessary element to make a positive statement about your personality to the world. Men or women, almost nobody is untouched by the necessity of shaving and so the razor burn is a common problem in a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle we live today. Our carelessness or unavailability of quality equipment, name it as you wish, but once in a while, we are likely to face this little red devil. So how to get rid of it in a right way? Well, to solve a problem we have to understand it first.

What does a razor burn?

How to get rid of razor burn  Treat, Soothe and Prevent

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Explaining in laymen’s terms, we can say it’s aftershave itching. It is a skin condition which can also be described as having red rashes that cause a light burning experience on your skin. The more you use razors, the more you’re likely to be familiar with this problem and razor bumps (also known as Pseudo folliculitisbarbae)are often seen with razor burns. Shaving on a dry skin and sensitive skin also causes razor burn. Mostly happens on legs, face, and armpits and it feels very uncomfortable and disturbing in accomplishing your day to day tasks and mostly happens due to lack of knowledge, carelessness and using the mediocre equipment. This is global because women experience it too, along with men and so it is important to know the ins and outs of it. Although there is nothing major to worry about if we take right precautions and do it the right way like washing the area that is going to be shaved with warm water and then shaving it without compromising in the quality of your shaving cream or razor, using hygienic aftershave lotions and keeping the shave stroke length right and directions smooth (in the direction of hair growth) avoiding any pimples, not shaving too much and proper hygienic cleaning of your equipments as well as body, but that’s an entirely different chapter to discuss. We’re here just to suggest you that in case you get caught with it, we have tried to mention here some fundamental and primary remedies that you would like to have a look at. So, let’s begin knowing about taking few basic steps in the journey of safe and secure shaving without taking much time.

Avoid applying artificial products –

Avoid applying artificial products

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It is better not to apply any chemically treated and untrusted artificial products on the affected area at least until it gets cured. Perfume, hair gels, and deodorants cause the situation to get worse. Also, don’t try to wear clothes that fit very tight and avoid rough fabrics like denim. It is recommended to wear soft and loose clothing if it’s not possible to keep the area always open. The more you leave it untouched, the more nature gets the opportunity to heal it. So, before thinking about any other remedy, make sure it’s getting it’s enough time to heal. Also, take care that the area doesn’t come in contact with any solid object like metal or wood. Getting harshly touched with an object like that on an affected area is almost equal to getting hurt. Carelessly applying the mediocre products and not keeping it open enough will only be an addition to the problem.

Aloe vera –

Applying Aloe vera on razor burn

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Apply it on the affected area. The idea is to hydrate the area. A cream that includes glycerine or coconut oil can also work. In few minutes, it will lower the burning sensation and you will feel at much ease than before. Aloe vera is found in most of the creams nowadays so before buying it check out if you have a few herbal creams at home and it is included in it. Don’t apply it so much that it doesn’t leave space for the air to enter your skin. It is difficult to be cured without the help of nature. We recommend using aloe vera as the first preference but if it’s not available, the other options stated above like coconut oil are always available mostly. Also, remember to wash the area with water and soaking it with the soft towel before you apply any cream.

Homemade paste –

Homemade paste

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Creating a homemade paste to reduce the inflammation is not a bad idea. The way to make a paste is very easy. You just need some a cup of cucumber and one glass of milk. Make a paste and put it in a fridge for some time. After applying it on the area of concern, keep it intact for 20 minutes. The burning will slow down and the inflammation will be pretty less than what it was before applying it.

Oxygen therapy -

Oxygen therapy on razor burn

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Nature is the best healer of all and all the other remedies cannot possibly work without the help of nature and there is no alternative to it. Might sound very simple but keep your skin in contact with oxygen. The more o2 it gets, the faster are the chances to heal so always remember to get a little air on the affected area.

Cotton -

Applying Apply Cotton on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Clothes made with synthetic fiber help the area of rashes to calm down the inflammation. Although it’s better if you keep the area open but if you have no choice, add few shirts or pants made out of in your wardrobe. In undergarments, too you can wear a cotton underwear or bikini to fastly cure razor burn inflammation.

Ice –

Applying ICE on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Ice is the best and fastest way to calm down the burning and itching sensation. All you have to do is wrap the ice cubes in a soft cloth such as towel and apply it by slowly placing on the area of concern. It will be an instant relief and you will be able to handle the burning better than before. You can do it more than one time in a day. Make sure the towel is clean just for a hygienic point of view.

Some anti-bacterial remedies –

Applying anti - bacterial solution on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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It is also helpful to use remedies like tea tree oil because of what it contains. It is antiseptic and works against bacteria and a great choice for fighting against the problem like razor burns. You can also use it on razor bumps. Applying it to the area of concern will definitely make your skin better along with healing it. You can use the tea tree oil alone but mixing it with olive oil can also work wonders.

Tannic Acid –

Applying Tannic Acid on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Product usually and immediately available at home that contains tannic acid is a black tea bag. By wetting it in warm water and placing it in a fridge and after that applying it on your skin as a gentle massage for 5 minutes can not only reduce the inflammation but also cure the rashes of the razor. Just like the remedy above, it can be applied more than twice in a day.

Witch Hazel –

Applying Witch Hazel on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Witch hazel has properties that are effective in killing bacteria. It also works as a good antiseptic and cools down the inflammation of a razor burn. Some people also use it to cure dry skin. If you don’t want razor burns to occur, be sure that a skin is shaved and then apply the witch hazel on the affected area.

The Aspirin Paste Method –

Applying Aspirin Paste on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Applying an aspirin paste on the affected area can heal the razor burn. Take two spoons of aspirin and one spoon of warm water in a bowl and mix it to make a paste. Give the paste some time and after it is ready, apply it 3 to 4 times a day is fine. This will surely help reduce the inflammation and cool down the burning sensation. Because of having properties that contain different kinds of healing acids that can also be used to heal razor bumps faster.

Cocoa butter –

Applying Coco butter on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Applying cocoa butter to razor burn and leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes not only helps exceptionally in healing razor burns but it is also an effective remedy for curing razor bumps. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help cool down the burn. It also works on the bumps which are more painful than usual so don’t hesitate to use cocoa butter as a remedy. It is a home remedy experienced by a lot of individuals. The pain is much lesser when used it several times a day.

Honey –

Applying Honey on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Applying honey to the skin has been noted for the betterment of your skin and known to stop most kinds of bacterial infections related to skin. You can also use this remedy daily to feel better in this condition and be cured as fast as possible. Honey doesn’t have any side-effects so it is not necessary to think twice before using it as a remedy. It will also help to make your skin smooth and stops the damage. As we all know, many moisturizing creams use it as an ingredient to improve the skin.

Fruits Method –

Fruits Method

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Making the paste of healthy fruits like strawberry by mixing it with sour cream and applying the paste on the area of concern can reduce the skin damage substantially. But here you have to let the paste remain for approximately 30 minutes for the paste to take effect. Strawberries are known to be rich in various kinds of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. They also contain different vitamins like C and have enough of potassium and iodine.

Food method –

Applying food paste on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Mix oatmeal and yogurt in moderate quantities (100 grams each) and make it in the jelly form using one tablespoon of honey. Put it aside for 10 minutes and apply it on the area of concern with a swab of cotton. Let it stay on the burn or a bump for 40 minutes because it takes time to soak. If you repeat it twice a day door a week, the burn will be reduced and inflammation will surely disappear. The advantage of this method, unlike others, is as long as you use natural remedies, the chances of having side effects get reduced by a big margin.

Apple Cider Vinegar –

Applying Apple Cide Vinegar on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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This method is used by many people and due to the results, it got popular quickly. Apple is rich in acids that help to reduce the burning effect of the bruise. Applying a cotton cider vinegar on the area of concern by using a cotton dab is also a known method to get rid of burns and bumps too. Don’t forget to remove it with water after 20 minutes. If you do it twice a day, you will start to see major improvements in your burn area in about five days. Keep doing it until the burn is healed completely.

Cornstarch method –

Applying Cornstarch  on Razor burn - Home remedy on razor burn

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Cornstarch will take away the extra moisture from the area of your concern and won’t let the bumps grow.  Take about 20 grams of corn starch and apply it on the affected area and cover it with a clean piece of soft and clean cloth after few minutes. Let it be intact about half an hour and wash it with mildly warm water later on. You can use this method three times a day for a quick healing and improve faster.

Never forget to wash the affected area with mildly warm water and clean it with a chemical-free soap before you apply any of the mentioned remedies, make sure the objects and tools you use applying the remedy are cleaned properly to be safe from the hygienic point of view. Like we have already mentioned this method are just homely remedies and just described here for the informational purpose so that you can use them according to the advice of your doctor. Always consulting your doctor before applying any remedy is the best way to get healed faster. We hope this article worked as an addition to your knowledge about healing the razor burns. Thank you very much, have a nice day and happy shaving.

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn - Treat, Soothe and Prevent