India vs China Military | Whose Military is Stronger?

India vs China Military | Whose Military is Stronger?

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India Vs China Military Power Comparison 

Today we’ll be comparing the two largest countries in the world in terms of population, with India set to be the most populated country in the world by 2022. India Vs China Military Both nations have seen widespread economic progress in recent times, thanks to China’s economic reform and the liberalization of India’s economy. Presently, China has the 2nd largest economy in the world behind the United States, although according to Fortune “America’s economy will not be the world’s largest for much longer.” While both countries still experience high poverty rates, some progress has been made. A lot of this new money, however, has been as much about social progress as it has defense matters. India vs China military comparison till the end of the 2020 India will Spread his army and will be the largest army in the world.

India Vs China Military: Whose Military Is Stronger?

China is much, much stronger militarily than India. The reason is incompletely a result of China's spending on guard, which at $145 billion is very nearly three times that of India's, and somewhat in light of the fact that between 2004 to 2014 – under the Congress-drove UPA Government – barrier assumed a lower priority while China kept on jogging forward. So in fact, India's military is 10 years behind that of China's. Yet history is proof that wars are not won by sheer numbers or technological advantage alone.

Let's take a look on India vs China Country Things-

Country:                                 India                                                  China

Capital:                                   New Delhi                                          Beijing

Population:                            1 276 267 000                                   1 373 541 278

Area:                                      3 287 590 km                                     9 596 961 km

Nuclear weapons:                 110–120 warheads                             260 warheads

Comparison Between India vs China Military:

Indian Vs Chinese military expenditures:

Country:                                 India                                                  China

Defense budget:                      USD 51 billion                                   USD 151 billion

Total military personnel :          4,207,250                                         3,712,500

Active personnel:                     1.2 million                                        2.3 million

Reserve personnel :                 2,844,750                                        1,452,500

India vs China military

Indian Vs Chinese military Land Forces

Country:                                 India                                                  China

Tanks:                                     4 426                                                 6,457

Armored fighting vehicles:      6,704                                                 4 788

owered artillery:                     7,414                                                  6,246

Self-propelled Artillery:           290                                                     1 710

Rocket Artillery:                      290                                                     1 770

India Vs China Military

Indian Vs Chinese military Air Forces-

Country:                                 India                                                  China

Total Aircraft:                          2 102                                                  2 955

Fighter Aircraft:                       676                                                    1071

Attack aircraft                          806                                                    1 385

Transporters                            857                                                    782

 Trainer aircraft                        323                                                      352

Helicopters                              666                                                      912

India Vs China Military

Indian Vs Chinese military Navy:

Country:                                 India                                                  China

Total Naval:                             295                                                      714

Aircraft carriers:                      3                                                          1

Destroyer:                               11                                                        35

Frigates:                                 14                                                        51

Cornettes:                               23                                                         35

Submarines:                           15                                                         68

mini warfare vessels:               6                                                          51

patrol craft:                              139                                                       220 

India Vs China Military

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India vs China Military | Whose Military is Stronger?