Kim Kardashian goes to the White House to meet Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian goes to the White House to meet Donald Trump

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Who is Alice Marie Johnson for Whom Kim Kardashian goes to White House to visit Donald Trump and Plead?


Alice is a 63 years old great grandmother who is currently serving a life sentence in Prison for nonviolent drug crime and was forbidden parole.

Kim Kardashian was spotted donning a black dress to discuss Donald Trump about her case.

Kim Kardashian With Donald Trumph in Oval House

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In the year 1996, Johnson was framed in eight criminal cases concerning Memphis based cocaine trafficking operations that involved a dozen of people, She was allotted a life term in prison in 1997. Today she had spent around 20 years in Prison.

Kim kardashian With President Donald Trumph

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Alleged Racy Tape Artist Kim Kardashian had plans to discuss the case of Alice Marie Johnson so that she may get out of jail a grandmother imprisoned for first time drug offense, Kardashian will meet Both President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner to discuss the same.  

Jared had earlier advocated the legislation that would aid prisoners so that they may re-enter the mainstream of life,  and develop better skills that would help them lead a better future life.

Opposition critics claim not to implement such legislation and desire to soften the sentencing guidelines only, which is being opposed by White House and Justice Department.