Best Korean Street Foods Should Try While Exploring Seoul

Best Korean Street Foods Should Try While Exploring Seoul

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Check out These Best Korean Street Foods Should Try While Exploring Seoul

Korea is a beautiful country that holds diversity in culture and tradition. There are plenty of places in Korea that are must visit and Seoul is the best one from them. And the Korean street food is a remarkable thing to experience. So if you are planning to explore this amazing place, you should try these delicious Korean street foods. Let’s explore them.

#10 Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew)

Best Korean Street Foods

Source korean.kitchen

The Korean War of the mid-1950s brought forth this road nourishment staple. When apportioning made protein and other nourishment stuff hard to get a hold of, the city's non military personnel populace started to make a stew utilizing tinned meat and frankfurters from US armed force proportions, cooking them in a customary bean stew glue soup with cheddar, tteok (rice cakes) and vegetables to make a thick juices that join western and conventional sustenance impacts.

#9 Tteokbokki (Rice Cakes With Sauce)

Best Korean Street Foods

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Doesn't sound extraordinary, isn't that so? Be that as it may, it is quite delicious. The 'tteok' some portion of the name alludes to the rice cakes themselves. Be that as it may, there are no customary rice cakes, these chewy sticks of rice are generally covered in, you got it right, the hot red bean stew sauce called gochujang. It appears the Koreans love their flavors as much as we do.

#8 Dakgalbi (Stir-Fried Chicken)

Best Korean Street Foods

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Beginning from the town of Chuncheon in Gangwon area, dakgalbi is presently a firm Seoul top pick. Diced solid shapes of chicken are marinated in the hot gochujang sauce and after that sautéed with cabbage, sweet potato, perilla leaves, onion and tteok rice cakes on a hot plate.

#7 Juk (Rice Porridge)

Best Korean Street Foods

Source www.kimchiandbasil.com

One of only a handful couple of customary Korean dishes not showered in stew, juk is in no way, shape or form a plain and stodgy breakfast staple. Conventional juk is a sweet porridge, for example, patjuk (red bean), or pumpkin porridge. Today slows down additionally move appetizing adaptations that incorporate mushroom, salted fish or meat.

#6 Jjukkumi (Baby Octopus)

Best Korean Street Foods

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Gotten and served new, you can't go far in Seoul without seeing jjukkumi in some shape. A standout amongst the most well-known renditions is jjukkumi bokkeum, where entire child octopus are cooked and blended with an unfathomably hot gochugang sauce. In case you're not nauseous, you can likewise eat jjukkumi cleaved, crude and as yet wriggling.

#5 Naengmyeon (Cold Noodles)

Best Korean Street Foods


It's ideal for sweltering and moist summer days and is some of the time alluded to as Pyongyang Naengmyeon. The buckwheat noodles are cooked and after that chilled before being blended with diced vegetables and finished with Gochugang sauce. Gochujang is a red bean stew glue that additionally contains glutinous rice, matured soybeans, salt, and some of the time sugars. The taste will be cold and hot, so be prepared for amazement in each chomp.

#4 Saengseon Hoe (Raw Fish)

Best Korean Street Foods

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Korea's response to sashimi is popular to the point that it is promptly accessible in the city. The freshest Saengseon Hoe that Seoul brings to the table will be found at the Noryangjin angle showcase. The in excess of 700 slows down committed to fish will be cheerful to cut up whichever ocean animal takes your extravagant. Like Sashimi, it's a gained taste; however, in the event that you adore it, there'll be no halting you.

#3 Gogi-Gui (Korean Barbecue)

Best Korean Street Foods

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Koreans love their grill. On the off chance that you've at any point eaten at any Korean foundation, you'll have seen that most tables have a flame broil incorporated with them for prepared grilling on prompt. You cook your very own meats here to your very own taste. Watching hamburger or pork sizzle on the flame broil in an enticing sight. Additionally, there resemble twelve side dishes like Kimchi you can chomp on. The flame-broiled meat is normally eaten in lettuce or perilla leaves (a plant from the mint family), with a drop of ssamjang glue – a blend of pounded beans and stew.

#2 Jeon (Savoury Pancakes)

Best Korean Street Foods

Source thewanderlustkitchen.com

The tasty Utthapam has been pleasing us for a very long time! This is the South Korean interpretation of this splendid wind called Jeon. These naturally arranged and made-to-arrange flapjacks are stacked with pork, fish, kimchi and whatever else you ask for or the gourmet specialist can consider. Match them with some Makgeolli (rice wine) to make the supper complete.

#1 Chi-Maek (Fried Chicken)

Best Korean Street Foods

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A much-venerated piece of South Korean cooking, the slows down that peddle this delicacy are omnipresent and everyone has its very own remarkable formula which for the most part incorporates garlic and tomato to cook delightful bits of firm dark colored chicken. And after that, there are the sauces and coatings like yangnyeom (zesty prepared sauce), soy, and sweet and hot sauce.

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Best Korean Street Foods Should Try While Exploring Seoul