Practice Planks for Better Body Posture. Metabolism and Strong Upper Back Muscles

Practice Planks for Better Body Posture. Metabolism and Strong Upper Back Muscles

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Plank Exercise is the Best Exercise to Get the Body in Shape, Without the Help of Any Equipment

Plank exercise benefits

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This exercise helps you exercise your entire body. Here is the basic plan to execute plank as part of your regime. Just Lie down on the ground while your stomach facing towards it.  Slowly lean your body on your elbows and toes keeping your back straight, and hold this position.

1. Balance

Plank exercise balances your center of gravity along your body and elbows. It is the point where you can rotate in any direction. The point around which your entire body weight is being balanced on each opposite side. Side planks are quite helpful for you to maintain balance and improve your coordination.

2.Straightens Posture 

One ought to keep the back straight while doing plank exercise initially you may experience some pain. But gradually the body adapts to the posture, and strengthens back and thereby helps improve posture. A good body posture aids in improving mood breathing and productivity.

3. Improved Core Definition and Performance

Exercising Planks are a core strengthening exercise. It aggregates every muscle of the body amid following benefits.

Planks benefits body in

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Plank Exercise Benefits the Body in Many Different Ways 

4. Reduces the Risk of Back Injury

Planks aid you to ensure that you are not exerting too much pressure on your hips and spine. Regular exercising planks will strengthen your areas near your upper back.

5. Improved Metabolism

Planks boost metabolism, this as an exercise burn more of your calories than regular crunches and sit-ups. Doing planks 10 times a day for each stretch of 60 seconds boosts your metabolism and keeps your energy levels high all throughout the day.

Types of Planks Exercises: 

Plank exercise benefits

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6. Improved Flexibility

Lack of physical activities will stiff your muscles. Planks stretch your shoulders, collarbones, hamstrings and other muscles and strengthen them. Additional side plank can be very useful in improving overall