Side Effects of Consuming Excess of Tea that You Should Avoid

Side Effects of Consuming Excess of Tea that You Should Avoid

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Check out the Side Effects of Consuming Excess of Tea that You Should Avoid

Tea is not just a name it’s a feeling, especially for Indians. They need tea for every occasion of life no matter what the situation is tea should be there. But as it a saying that excess of anything is harmful and it is true for tea also. If you are consuming an excessive amount of tea then it can cause multiple side effects to you mentally and physically. Let’s check them out.

#8 Possibility of a miscarriage during pregnancy

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In the event that you are pregnant, you ought to totally abstain from having tea. The nearness of caffeine can hurt the advancement of the hatchling which thusly can prompt the likelihood of a premature delivery.

#7 Cardiovascular problems

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Give me a chance to disclose to you that extreme utilization of caffeine present in tea isn't useful for the cardiovascular framework. The individuals who have heart afflictions or are recuperating from cardiovascular disarranges ought to totally abstain from having tea.

#6 Possibility of Prostate cancer

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Overwhelming tea consumers are at a higher danger of getting prostate malignant growth when contrasted with the individuals who don't. This is the most noticeably awful symptom of drinking excessively tea.

#5 Increases the level of anxiety and restlessness

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Tea helps in boosting the vitality levels however substantial admission can inflict significant damage on your emotional well-being. It can make you feel fretful and on edge. Substantial utilization additionally prompts expanded pulse and lack of sleep. All things considered, I can vouch for this reality. I used to make myself some tea before going to bed and I constantly used to wind up like a night owl.

#4 Becomes addictive

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The nearness of caffeine in tea makes it addictive in nature. On the off chance that you are a normal tea consumer, you more likely than not saw that you feel lazy, aggravated and exhausted when you don't get your day by day amount of four to some tea. I don't think about you yet as a previous tea fiend I can resound to these emotions. A few people additionally encounter cerebral pains and weariness.

#3 Deficiency of vital nutrients required by our body

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Savoring tea overabundance sums obstructs retention of fundamental supplements like calcium and iron by the body. This hypothesis has been supported by research as well.

#2 Bloating

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I used to feel enlarged in the wake of having some tea and I would never locate a consistent explanation for it. Be that as it may, now I do. The nearness of caffeine prompts parchedness which thus causes swelling in a few people.

#1 Dehydration

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You ought to comprehend that overabundance utilization of tea implies abundance utilization of caffeine. This can diminish the assimilation capacities of your tubules which thusly can abandon you feeling got dried out. So you ought to abstain from having multiple glasses in a day.

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