Simple Protein rich foods that aid weight loss and enhance physical health.

Simple Protein rich foods that aid weight loss and enhance physical health.

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4 easily available Protein-rich foods that help lose weight and gets you vibrant physical health.

4 easily available Protein-rich foods that help lose weight and gets you vibrant physical health.


Proteins are the building blocks of the Human body and form the important constituents of the body parts. They also form your blood cells and are an essential part of our diet too.  Our Nails and Hairs are all made of Proteins only. They form all blood cells, are part of bones too apart from them muscles cartilage skin blood all require proteins that are not stored in the body but should be a constituent of our daily meal.  

After a study of various foodstuffs, we have picked five best sources of proteins that not only make you healthy but also aid you to lose body fat at a quicker rate/pace.

1. Low fat Paneer

 Low fat Paneer


Low-fat Paneer is a rich source of Protein and Linoleic Acid that sheds belly fat. 

The Milk is the favorite and easy available foodstuff in all the Indian Families. It is consumed by all the family members alike. Condensed Milk after torn Milk is what we call Paneer.  Protein provides us with the rich and high content of protein. As calorie content and fat content depend on the type of source through which milk had been derived. However Low Protein content can be obtained from Cow's Milk. Paneer is also a rich source of Linoleic Acid that is a key fatty acid that sheds fat from the belly.

2. Pulses and Legumes

 Pulses and Legumes - Easily available Protein rich diet


Vegetarians can rely on Plant-based sources of Proteins present in Pulses and Legumes. 

Indians prefer Pulses in their meals. Starting with moong dal to arhar to rajma and chickpeas (Chana Dal) they all are rich sources of protein and also contain essential nutrients like Folic Acid, Zinc and Fiber. These cheap and plant-based resources of protein can be healthy and an ideal choice for vegetarians and gym enthusiasts looking for that additional ounce of protein in their diet. Make exciting mixture with them by adding them into your salads, soups or pancakes. Make certain while you arrange them to add a minimum amount of oil and a zing of tadka/ herbs making them an perfect meal for the dinner or lunch coupled  with roti/ chapati or veggies.

Simple and easy accessed 4 protein rich foods excluding Non-Veg for Weight Loss and Fitness.

3. Milk

Milk - Easily available Protein rich diet


Milk is rich protein and calcium source that build strong bones and Thin Muslces. 

Milk, is the trendiest dairy product which acts as a rich biological class of protein resource. This nutrient-rich food is full of protein along with an outstanding quantity of calcium that can assist you to build strong bones and thin muscles. If you are on a weight loss plan, one should choose for the skimmed milk or low-fat milk, that will be reasonably low in fat, which provide you an sufficient amount of protein. As milk is also recognized to one of best muscle food, one must not overlook to add this to their health regime. Never forget to have 1 or 2 glasses of Milk in your diet.

4. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds - Easily available Protein rich diet


Nuts and Seeds are a good source of Protein fibres and Manganese and Vitamin-C

Have a fit initiation of the day by adding up that munch to your diet. Nuts like almonds and walnuts add a good quantity of protein, and fiber also to your diet. The nuts are filled with healthy fats besides manganese and Vitamin -E that will guard us from the free radicals and fight against inflammation.

present are seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds that can be added to your morning breakfast cereal bowl or daylight yogurt and a post-workout drinks which will assist you shed that additional flab. These protein-rich seeds participate in essential functions in weight loss by promoting slant body mass, giving you satiety and caring you full for all day long.

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Simple Protein rich foods that aid weight loss and enhance physical health.