5 Horrifying Strange Stories from Real Life

5 Horrifying Strange Stories from Real Life

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Horrifying Strange Stories In Real Life

There are many incidents happening in our daily day to day life. Here we are discussing some popular Strange Stories happened in the past time. These Strange Stories are popular all around for their Horrifying strange occurrence.

1. Number 0888-888-888

Strange Stories

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Whoever owned this number died, the primary proprietor of the number was simply the CEO of the issuing organization Mobitel himself, Vladimir Grashnov. Purportedly, he passed on of cancer in 2001. As per Mail Online, his tumor was reputed to have been caused by a 'business rival utilizing radioactive harming'.

2. Boulders in Trees

Strange Stories

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In April 1997, a turkey seeker in Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana, happened upon a colossal sandstone rock wedged between three branches of an oak tree around 35 feet starting from the earliest stage. The bolt formed shake was assessed to weight 500lb. Therefore, four all the more expansive stones were discovered wedged high up in trees somewhere else in the woodland. All were in remote zones. None of the trees were harmed and there were no indications of substantial gear start utilized or of tornado harm and nobody reviewed any setbacks including explosive anyplace close-by.

3. Bovine Enigma

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On June 28, 2002, amidst a spate of unexplained steers mutilations in Argentina, something horrifying was found in a field close suco, west of Rio Cuarto in San Luis area. Nineteen cows were full into a sheet metal water tank, shut with a tapered top. Nine were suffocated, the rest scarcely alive, having continued solidifying temperatures, also the stun of their lives.

4. Edward Mordrake With a Devil Face

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Edward Mordrake was conceived with a second face joined to the back of his head. The second face couldn't talk, yet could giggle and cry independently from Edward's feelings. Edward called this face his "devil twin." He slaughtered himself at 23 after specialists declined to expel it from his skull.

5. The day Lincoln was shot, Lincoln himself had a dream that might have predicted his fate.

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In his dream, Lincoln saw a warrior remaining over a coffin. When he asked who the man who passed on was, the trooper reacted, "The president."

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5 Horrifying Strange Stories from Real Life