Sylvia Likens Murder Case History

Sylvia Likens Murder Case History

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Sylvia Likens Murder

Sylvia Likens and Jenny were the only two daughters of their parents Betty and Lester. Sylvia Likens and Jenny were living with their mother, Betty, in Indianapolis at the time. Their parents were separated.

Sylvia Likens

After Betty was captured for shoplifting in 1965, their dad, Lester, chose to send them to live with Gertrude Baniszewski, who was the mother of their new companion, Paula. Lester was a circus laborer, so he trusted this would be a more steady living game plan for his little girls.

Gertrude Baniszewski lived in Indianapolis with her seven youngsters. Since she had a little wage, Baniszewski took in kids for the Summer to win additional cash. In 1965, she consented to board sixteen years of age Sylvia Likens and her sister Jenny, who was a year more youthful. They were the offspring of two carnival laborers who were going to go on visit working at a snack bar.

Sylvia Likens

During the first week of their stay, the two girls were looked upon with growing hostility by Baniszewski. But soon after some time this quickly proved to be a terrible mistake. She brutally started beating the 16-year-old Sylvia Likens and her younger disabled sister Jenny. She verbally and physically misbehaved Sylvia once a day, often calling her a prostitute and blaming her for being a whore. She had brutal perspectives about ladies when all is said in done and raved about how soiled they were.

Sylvia Likens

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Gertrude Baniszewski supported her 13-year-old child, John, his kin, and other neighborhood kids to do terrible things to Sylvia Likens. Gertrude Baniszewski ordered the youngsters to stub out cigarettes on the young lady's arms and hands. Her little girl Paula, intoxicated on brutish pitilessness, punched Sylvia with enough power to break bones in her particular hand. In the wake of being dealt with by a specialist and having her hand put into a mortar cast, the Baniszewski young lady utilized the overwhelming cast to beat Sylvia with much more power.

Sylvia Likens

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At the point when Paula was pregnant with a hitched man's infant) at that point Gertrude Baniszewski named Sylvia Likens 'a prostitute'. She told numerous individuals that Sylvia was indiscriminate, as well as pregnant. Sylvia Likens was stripped naked and compelled to move and perform licentious acts before Baniszewski's young cohorts. She was made to embed a pop jug into her vagina on no less than two occasional events.

Sylvia Likens was in the end forbidden to go to school and compelled to live bare in the storm cellar, where she infrequently got the opportunity to drink water or eat. Days before her passing, Gertrude and an area kid, Richard Hobbs, cut the words "I'm a whore and pleased with it" on her mid-region with a warmed needle.

At the point when Sylvia Likens endeavored to get away, Gertrude captured her and tied her up in the cellar, beating and burning her barbarously. A day later, Sylvia died of a brain hemorrhage, shock, and malnutrition.

Sylvia Likens​​​​​​​

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The Police were informed that Sylvia had been a wild and unbridled tearaway. Baniszewski, delivering the letter she'd constrained Sylvia to compose, expressed that Sylvia had come back to the house after a sex session with some young men. As indicated by her form of the occasions, the group had taken after Sylvia back to the house, ravaged her and after that executed her. Baniszewski said she'd discovered the young lady dead in the cellar. But Soon the authorities came to know about the truth and arrested Gertrude, Paula, John, Hobbs, and another neighborhood boy, Coy Hubbard, for murder.

Gertrude Baniszewski was indicted first-degree murder of Sylvia Likens and condemned to live in jail, yet shockingly enough, she was discharged for good conduct in 1985. She died on five years after the fact from lung malignancy.

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