Tips to choose the right bra size and type for your breasts

Tips to choose the right bra size and type for your breasts

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Are you tired of wearing the wrong size bra all your life? Do you often get caught in an awkward situation as a part of your breasts pops out all of a sudden? Don’t be too embarrassed as I can feel you and believe me, I have been there too. This happens because we don’t have our fundamentals right. But as they say, Better late than never! After so many blunders and disasters, I decided to do some research about it and finally I have come with all the answers. Let’s learn all about it together.

How to Choose the Right Bra?

Choosing the best fitted bra is no rocket science but you need to know your exact bra size. However, don’t expect a magical moment where you get the right size instantly, rather you need to put in some efforts to get in there. Hence, before we go into the details, let’s first understand few very important points.

  • Your bra should neither be too loose nor too tight. It should perfectly fit covering your cups properly.
  • If you have to always pull your bra’s straps down, probably you need a smaller size.
  • Always use the closet hook eye so that you can use the next hook eye when your bra loosens over time.
  • Always bend forward while wearing a bra so that all parts get proper coverage and no part keeps hanging out.
  • The bra cup should stay firm with no extra space.
  • Try to adjust the straps if you face issues like breasts popping from bottom, bra riding up etc. If the problem is still not fixed, then probably you need a smaller size.
  • If the bra straps are too tight and leaves a red mark on your shoulders then go for a bigger size.
  • A smaller or bigger bra size also requires a different cup size. For example, if your current size is 36B, a smaller size would be 34B and a bigger size would be 38C.
  • While measuring your bra size, you must first identify your band size, and then match it with your cup size.
  • Make sure that your breasts should be placed exactly between your shoulders and elbows.
  • Remember to adjust the cups and straps while wearing a bra for the first time.


How to determine Bra Size?

Tips to choose the right bra

If you’re not sure of your bra size, then I recommend you to try all bra types unless you finally find your best fit. There are minor differences in every brand and band, cup sizes. Most women remain confused about their bra sizes all their lives. Who knows you might also be wearing a wrong size too. So let us all check our bra sizes once again to know if we are on the right track.

  • The numeric part determines the band size and the alphabetical part determines the cup size. For example, if your bra size is 36C,-‘36’ is your band size and, ‘C’ is your cup size.
  • You need to separately measure the band size and cup size. Both are explained below in the article.
  • Do not wear a bra while measuring your bra size. Stay braless.
  • Be very careful and attentive while taking the right measurement, especially when you have large breasts. Go step by stem and check the measurements twice to be sure.
  • You can ask for a professional help or get a professional fitting so that they help you arriving at the right size. Also, it is always suggested to let someone else do your fitting so that the measurements come out to be more accurate.


How do you determine right Band and Cup Size?

Measure your bra size at home by following these simple steps given below:\

Band size

  • Stand in front of a dressing table while you’re measuring your size. Make sure that the measurement tape remains firm and do not slip down every now and then. A slight mistake can make you choose a wrong bra size.
  • Make sure the measurement tape is wrapped perfectly around your waist, exactly where the bra band is placed, the tape must be taut however neither too tight nor too loose.
  • If the band size comes out to be 31 or 31.5 inches, the size will be 32. However, it is advisable to try both 32 and 33 as a lot depends on your cup size too. So, if it’s an odd number, just round it off to the next even number. Now note this final number before proceeding to the cup size measurements.

Cup Size

  • You need to wrap the measurement tape around your breast’s fullest part.
  • For more accurate results, try measuring it at the nipple level.
  • Round off the final number to the next whole number and note this somewhere.
  • Simply subtract the cup size from the band size we noted earlier. The inch difference will determine the ideal cup size for you.

There’s always a perfect bra available no matter what size you are. You just need to put in a little effort and choose the right one for yourself. Now that you have bought one for yourself, let’s see how to take care of your bra and its overall hygiene.

How frequently should you wash your undergarments?

I was really surprised to know some fun and interesting facts about the hygiene of inner wears and thought of sharing them with my readers too. Personally, I am very particular or say an OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my clothes, especially my undergarments. Did you know that the number of times your intimates should be washed depends on climatic conditions and your choice? A research claims that approximately 80% women possess at least 8-12 bras at a time, out of which about 7 are used and the others are kept as backup or for some special occasion. Sometime you buy the wrong size and you are just too lethargic to go back to the sore and get it exchanged. Plus it’s a total waste of money too. Here’s a perfect solution to all your problems:

  • Basic bras needs to be washed very frequently, wash it once every three wears but don’t stretch more than that. Bras are not like your rugged jeans which you wear the entire month without washing. Bras are delicate and they need care.
  • If you live in a tropical climate, then you must wash your bra after every use as oil deposits get absorbed in the bra fabric and provides shelter to numerous microorganisms.
  • If you’re a fitness freak and perform high intensity workout, then you must wash your sports bras after every use. However, if you’re not really a gym going person, wash it once every three wears.
  • Detergents are very harsh for the kind of fabric bras are made of. In order to wash your bra without the shape or elasticity getting affected, wash your bra in cold water and use a soft detergent.
  • Don’t wash your undergarments, especially bras in a washing machine. The heat is not suitable for it plus it can damage other garments too. So always wash them separately.
  • Don’t ever use bleach on your bra and discard it after six months no matter how precious that bra is.Just let it go.

Now that you have become an expert in selecting the right bra size for you, don’t wait much and get yourself a perfect fit. There are so many options available out there ladies. I hope this article helped you and now you can go lingerie shopping with full confidence.

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