Top 7 Indian Army Vehicles

Top 7 Indian Army Vehicles

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Check out Top Vehicles of Indian Army

Here we are going to discuss about the 4th most powerful army in the world "Indian Army". Indian Army used a variety of vehicles, here we are going to tell you about the top 7 Indian Army vehicles.

Tata Safari Storme 4 x 4

Indian Army Vehicles

Image Source: NDTV

Yes ! the V.I.P car now also counts in Indian Army vehicles with 2.2 litre turbocharged engine which produces a 400NM of torque 154 PS of power, which is enough is to conquer harsh to harsh conditions. Safari is a name which is known for it's trust and power. The Tata Safari Storme will replace the Maruti Gypsys with 3,192 units of the Safari Storme in the coming years, which was used earlier in Indian Army vehicles.

Arjun MBT

Indian Army Vehicles

A 1,400 hp single multi - fuel 3rd Generation diesel engine "The Arjun" tank in Indian Army vehicles, which can achive speed upto 67 kmph is the best tank available in Indian Army vehicles. The Arjun requires four-man crew: commander, gunner, loader and driver to move ahead. These tanks in Indian Army vehicles are fitted with  a 120 mm main rifled gun with indigenously developed armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot ammunition, one PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and a NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun. 


Indian Army Vehicles

These Indian Army vehicles are Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles known as Casspir. Casspir is one of the best Indian Army vehicles used for transportation of troops by protecting them from land mines. This powerful Indian Army vehicle can hold a crew of two, plus 12 additional soldiers and associated equipment.


Indian Army Vehicles

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Indian Army ordered 44 WZT-3M armored recovery vehicles in 1999. And these powerful 12 - Cylinder with 850 hp of power Indian Army vehicles made entry in Indian Army. These Indian Army vehicles are used to recover damaged main battle tanks, tracked armoured vehicles and heavy vehicles from the battlefield. The vehicles are also equipped with special equipment for conducting repairs in the field, clearing obstacles and performing earth-moving works

Mahindra 550 DXB

Indian Army Vehicles

Image Source: Wikipedia

Mahindra 550 DXB, these Indian Army vehicles served a lot to the Indian Army, but their production stopped in 2006 as these Indian Army vehicles did'nt meet cmvr -emmision norms and therfore had to be discontinued. This vehicle had a 4 cylindered in-line liquid cooled diesel XD3P engine with a capacity of 2498cc.

Tata LPTA 713 TC

Indian Army Vehicles

Image Source: Wikimedia

Most of the Indian Army vehicles are from Tata. Tata is the largest India's automobile company. VFJ LPTA 713 TC is powered by a Tata Cummins 6BT turbocharged diesel engine, producing 125 of hp. There is a light armored troop carrier version of of these Indian Army vehicles. VFJ LPTA 713 TC accommodates driver and 9-12 passengers. Armor provides protection for the troops against 7.62-mm ball rounds.

Bridge Laying Tank MT-55

Indian Army Vehicles

Image Source: russianmilitary

MT-55 are moving bridges in Indian Army vehicles. MT-55 tank is proposed for a simple and quick intersection of antitank boundaries and different obstructions with the reason for encouraging the entry of motorized and tank units. These Indian Army vehicles are one of the most heavily manufactured tanks in the world.

These were the top 7 Indian Army vehicles most used by the Indian Army, dont forget to share if you liked it.

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Top 7 Indian Army Vehicles