Shelia Frederick | A Flight Attendant Observed Suspicious Activity and Asked for Help

Shelia Frederick | A Flight Attendant Observed Suspicious Activity and Asked for Help

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Read the Complete Story of Shelia Frederick the Flight Attendant of Alaskan Air

We live in a world in that we uncover much shocking news daily while we read the newspaper, some are tragic and some are inspiring. Today I am sharing with you an inspirational story of a brave woman. Shelia Frederick is a flight attendant who was operating on an Alaskan Air flight while she noticed something that was suspicious. She saw a young female who appeared like she becomes matted and scared. The younger lady became traveling with an older man who looked properly prepare, and he manifestly changed into not the daddy of the woman who he became touring with, so Frederick got an ill feeling in her stomach. The flight attendant couldn't get this pair out of her head, so she notion up a plan if you want to touch the young woman.

Shelia Frederick

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Shelia Frederick determined that she had to be able to talk to the girl to understand if she became a victim of human trafficking. She managed to write down a note to the young female and go away it within the bathroom for her. Next, Frederick determined a way to whisper within the younger women ear. She informed the younger female to go to the bathroom, and while the lady went to the toilet, Frederick's observe there, and the lady wrote her again.

The young female informed Shelia Fredrick that she needed help, and that is when Frederick determined that she changed into going to take action to help the female out. Frederick talked to the captain and knowledgeable him of what turned into occurring at the plane. The captain additionally immediately placed a plan into motion, and he called the police. By way of time the aircraft landed, there was the police that was watching for the gentleman who was doing the human trafficking.

Through the instinct of this flight attendant, a woman's life becomes capable of getting saved. Every year, there are loads of individuals who are abducted and positioned into human trafficking. Ambassadors for flights are seeking to get flight attendants the education that they need that allows you to perceive human trafficking. Human beings might imagine that human trafficking is something that only occurs to those who are in exclusive nations; however, there has been a child trafficking ring that was given busted up in Boston.

There were 86 children who were capable of being stored through that police raid. With respects to what happened at the Alaskan Air flight, Shelia Fredrick and the younger girl still have contact; they talk to every different some instances 12 months.

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Shelia Frederick | A Flight Attendant Observed Suspicious Activity and Asked for Help