How to Get a PMP Certification Training

How to Get a PMP Certification Training

What is the PMP Certification Training ?

Project Management Professional Certification is one such certificate which helps in your future career. Such a recognized course that gives a direction to your career.  It is a recognized course which is implemented by Project Management. This course empowers any person to work with any company, industry and with any people and any place. The person who has done the pump course always gets more recognition and salary than the other person. PMP courses are more recognized courses than other courses, which is a very honorable thing. PMP is the most popular certificate in the world.

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Career Benefits after Project Management Professional (PMP)

Many advantage of PMP training. Some advantage we are going to tell you.

Increase in Salary –

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People have done this course, their biggest benefit is that they get very good salary. In many places they get more salary than NON- PMP.

Globally Acknowledged Certification –

The people who have done this course are recognized all over the world and their skills and talent are recognized all over the world. There are many professional people all over the world.

Better Job Opportunities –

PMP course people have skills and talent and knowledge, which makes them, get jobs in very good places all over the world. These people do not have to roam here and there for jobs, they get jobs very easily.

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Increased Networking Opportunities –

It provides an opportunity to network with big companies and seniors.

Most Challenging Projects –

This course provides individuals with the experience of working in a good company and an opportunity to work on challenging projects.

Get invaluable experience

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PMP helps an individual to gain expertise on how to solve complex and diverse projects concerns, resulting in gaining customer’s confidence and yield high quality deliverables.

Skills you will learn after PMP certification online

It increases the knowledge of fundamental project management processes tools & techniques and methodologies. Gives an individual exposure to various tools such as Gantt Chart, WBS, Project & Cost estimations. Also teaches professionals how to deliver projects successfully on Schedule, Budget and Scope.

The average salary for PMP certified professional

People have done this course, their biggest benefit is that they get very good salary. In many places they get more salary than NON- PMP. Professionals with PMP certification get an average of 20% higher than the Non-PMP certified professionals.

Who can do PMP certificate

Architects, Project Managers, Program Managers, QA Managers, Onsite co-coordinators, Off-site co-coordinators, Leads, Delivery Managers, Practice Managers, Consultant, PMO office representatives ,Development Team Managers, Business Analyst.

PMP certification process

Application Submission

Application Completeness Review (5 Days since application submission online)

Audit Process (

Applicant Payment Process

Multiple Choice Examination Eligibility

Certification Cycle

Credential Maintenance

Credential Renewal

Credential Suspension

PMP certification training cost  

PMP certification cost is not fixed. It is all about depend on your choice. It depends on whether you do online course or do regular course. Your fee is charged for these courses.

PMP certification validity

The certificate is valid for exactly three years from the day of certification.

How to download PMP certification after completing the examination

As soon as the exam is completed, you will get to know about its result, for this you will not have to wait much. First you will get an email after that you will get your result.

The passing score is PMP certification

You should 62% passing score for PMP Certificate.

The duration time for PMP certification

PMP exam has a total duration time of 4 Hrs. in which one must answer 200 questions.

PMP certificate online paper is a qualifying exam 

It conducts both computer based exam and written paper exam. If a company conducts the exam on its own behalf, then the limit of 300 km is not applicable for it.

What is the Exam pattern of PMP certification?

There are total 200 questions for which 4 hours are given. Only 175 marks will be evaluated for passing. The remaining questions may not add to your exam.

The exam process for PMP certification

Fulfillment of Eligibility Criteria 

Application Completion

Application Review


Test appointment Scheduling

Requirement of PMP certification

Pumps are an important step in growing your career, which also has a good effect on your earnings. For all this, you need to learn and understand some subjects well. It is a complex and challenging process.

Top project management certification

Project Management Professional

Certified Associate in Project Management

Associate in Project Management

Master Project Manager

Certified Project Management Practitioner

Certified Project Manager

Certified ScrumMaster

CompTIA Project+

PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner

Professional in Project Management

Certified Project Director

Project Management in IT Security

BVOP Certified Project Manager

PMP exam syllabus 

Closing the project

Planning the project

Monitoring and controlling the project

Initiating the project

Executing the project

Mapped to these five process groups are ten project management Knowledge Areas

Project Risk Management

Project Scope Management

Project Stakeholder Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Resource Management

Project Communications Management

Project Procurement Management

Project Schedule Management

Project Integration Management

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