AML Monitoring Software Jobs Worldwide

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Anti Money Laundering (AML) professionals are the frontline fighters to detect and report suspicious transactions that may be linked to money laundering, terrorist financing, and other money laundering crimes.

AML monitoring software jobs are in high demand, as major businesses across all industries are looking for ways to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. In fact, AML professionals help companies battle against illegal money activities.

Many roles are in AML monitoring, such as compliance officer, investigator, and more. To view the most popular AML monitoring software jobs worldwide, start an online search today.

Why do need AML pr‚Äčofessionals?

AML professionals are the frontline fighters to identify and assess the risks associated with money laundering. They also help businesses across all industries develop effective risk management strategies and battle against potential threats, including reputational, operational, and financial risks.

Generally, Anti Money Laundering (AML) training equips businesses and individuals with the knowledge of detecting and reporting suspicious transactions associated with money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes.

The Best AML Monitoring Software Jobs Available In 2024

There will be several AML monitoring software jobs in 2024. Some of which are available for job seekers with high salary packages. Here are the best AML monitoring software jobs worldwide.

AML Analyst

Average Salary: $74470 per year

The role of an AML analyst is to help businesses monitor and detect suspicious financial activity. AML analysts review transaction data that may be linked to money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes. They also investigate suspicious activity and report it to the appropriate officials.

AML analyst is the most in-demanded role in the AML monitoring software industry. As this role provides many benefits, many people like to work as AML analysts. This position requires a Bachelor's degree with a complete understanding of the firm’s business and outstanding communication skills. On average, AML analysts earn a salary of $74470 per year. In short, AML analyst is a better job for many people looking for AML monitoring software jobs worldwide.

AML Compliance Officer

Average Salary: $104,850 per year

AML Compliance Officer is another role in the AML monitoring sector. AML Compliance Officers are professionals who specialize in developing and implementing AML policies and procedures. They also ensure that organizations are complying with AML regulations.

As an AML compliance officer, you will be responsible for ensuring that the organization meets all AML laws or regulations. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or other related fields with a solid knowledge of AML compliance. AML Compliance Officers earn an average salary of $104,850 per year.

If you are searching for the best AML monitoring job in 2024, an AML compliance officer could be perfect!

Fraud Investigator

Average Salary: $65,837 per year

The role of fraud Investigator in the AML monitoring industry is to help companies investigate suspicious activity that may be identified by AML analysts or transaction monitoring specialists. Fraud investigators gather evidence and interrogate potential witnesses to support their investigations. In this role, you will perform common tasks, including dealing with analyses to identify suspected fraud, especially financial fraud. With a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, business administration, or a relevant field and a solid understanding of AML monitoring procedures, you can work as a fraud investigator.

The average wage of Fraud investigators is $65,837 per year. In short, fraud investigators are in high demand in this relevant industry.

AML Software Engineer

Average Salary: $89,917 per year

The role of AML Software Engineer is to help businesses develop and maintain AML monitoring software. AML software engineers work to ensure that AML software tools are effective in detecting suspicious activity and compliant with AML regulations. They also handle AML monitoring software to identify suspicious activity.

This position requires formal training or certification on software engineering concepts and years of experience in relevant industry.

If you are looking for an AML monitoring role in 2024, an AML software engineer could be perfect. Also, an AML software engineer's salary averages $89,917 per year.

BSA/AML Officer

Average Salary: $69,018 per year

BSA/AML Officers help businesses create AML policies and procedures, monitor customer transactions for suspicious activity, and report suspicious activity to the appropriate officials. They are the frontline officers in an organization.

Creating AML policies and procedures and monitoring customer transactions for suspicious activity are the top duties of a BSA/AML Officer in an organization. Great leadership skills and years of experience in a relevant industry can be considered excellent by employers. Also, this position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with a solid knowledge of AML monitoring.

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The salary of a BSA/AML Officer averages $69,018 per year.

Choose The Perfect AML Monitoring Software Job In 2024

If you are ready to grab an AML monitoring job this year, it’s time to grab a great job with AML monitoring software. It’s essential to match your profile with your employer’s requirements. This may include experience, qualifications, and skills. There are plenty of AML monitoring jobs for many individuals looking for AML monitoring jobs. Also, you can find the best AML monitoring job that matches your skills and experience with an online search.


These are a few examples of AML monitoring jobs in 2024. These are most in demand across all industries, as many companies are looking for ways to detect and identify AML issues and frauds. Also, these roles provide excellent wages that make these jobs the best compared to other sectors. Start an online search to see the best AML monitoring software jobs with fantastic salaries.