Best Dental Surgeon in the World You Can Rely Upon

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Being one of the best dental surgeon in the world is not that easy at all if you're targeting a larger populace. Dental health care is a highly critical issue all across the world, and as per the circumstances, only a few nations are able to provide the best dental health possible to date. Whereas, many countries are still struggling with non flourished dentistry.

If we keep all that apart, Dental health care is still ranked among the top 5 highest paying jobs worldwide. However, due to a significant increase in noncompetent dentistry and an ever-increasing number of dental specialists, many individuals have to face problems with a non-experienced dental specialist that counts himself as one of the best dental surgeon in the world.

So, today we are here to present before you some of the world's best dental surgeons ever that finely treat your dental issues with perfection. The list that you're going to see below comprises highly experienced and certified dental surgeons on earth, who have developed this profession as their primary hobby.


Dr. Dan Fischer


Dr. Dan Fischer certainly counts among one of the most extravagant and best dental surgeon in the world. He currently holds his chair as the President and CEO of Ultradent Dental and Health Products. He began his organization from his home and from that point it has developed into a multimillion-dollar dental items organization. 

Being a senior dental specialist, Dr. Dan started his dental health care journey from his home by forming a company and further developed it into a multimillion-dollar dental products company. His company's most selling products include Astringedent® and Viscostat®. The Research & Development of Astringedent® and Viscostat® came to perfection after the dedicated working efforts of Dr. Dan by utilizing his own blood samples.

When Dr. Fischer was in his younger years, he immediately realized the needs of the market and developed his company products, as there was not even a single product in the market that predictably controlled the bleeding and sulcular fluid.

Unquestionably, Dr. Dan Fischer even ranks among one the most powerful dental specialists on the planet with a fortune 500 company working under his supervision.


Dr. Richard Malouf


Dr. Richard Malouf is professionally a dental specialist; is also the founder of All Smiles Dental Clinics all across the USA. The visionary dentist is known to be a very successful entrepreneur whose net worth counts in Billions. Dr. Malouf is the name responsible for making dentistry a profession that involves innovation and creativity while presenting himself as an inspirational symbol of the dental world.

His vision is exceptionally wide, as well as effective that elaborates innovativeness and advancement. He says "Dentistry was a profession that involved creativity and innovation. I liked that idea that it involved working with your hands, working with the public, and giving back to society."


Dr. Herman Ostrow


Dr. Herman Ostrow was born in East Los Angeles and presently is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles. He's a graduate from James A. Garfield High School who experienced childhood in the Belvedere neighborhood. Later, he pursued his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from USC in 1945 he served his country in the U.S. Armed force Dental Corps. 

Soon he made his comeback to Los Angeles to treat patients privately and rehearsed dentistry full-and part-time for 17 long years before making his entrance into the Los Angeles construction and real estate market. Dr. Herman Ostrow even had a unique hobby of collecting and cultivating rare fruit trees, which he used to do in his free hours behind his Beverly Hills home in the hillside orchard.

It took no time for the keen dental specialist to become one of the best dental surgeon in the world when he visited the Griffith Observatory in 2009. Dr. Herman Ostrow saw how private endowments assisted a dearest educational institution gain incredible growth. It was January 20, 2010, when a University announced his unprecedented individual endowment of $35 million to the name of a School of Dentistry.


Dr. David Alameel

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Ask Dr. David Alameel what the best dental surgeon in the world sounds like. Dr. Alameel has been functioning as an active supporter of Democratic causes and candidates in Texas for a very long. For which he has even received the "Centennial Award" in 1999, from the former US President Bill Clinton. 

Dr. Alameel is a renowned democrat who made his way to America when he was only 20 years old. To manage his survival in the US, he worked in the fields and pumped gas at fuel stations to help his enormous Lebanese Christian family.

Later he served in the U.S. Army, then went to the University of Texas and got himself a Dental degree, and moved to Dallas. After becoming a successful dentistry practitioner in Dallas, he established an organization of dental clinics that further developed into a multi-million dollar undertaking.

From that point forward, he has served on various civic boards and associations in the Dallas territory, and is now an active philanthropist, with a strong accentuation on educational opportunity. Dr. David Alameel has an overall net worth of about 900 million dollars. He's unquestionably one of the most innovative and politically powerful dental specialists across the world as well.

Dr. David Alameel sold his previous business in the most recent years and has now established himself as a highly successful individual investor and an expert in the monetary business sectors. Not only that, he has even set the first bricks of the Alameel Foundation to provide community services in the DFW area, and is currently serving as President of the League of Latin American Citizens Greater Texas LULAC Council.

Apart from all that, Dr. Alameel lives with his 42 years old wife Martha, along with two developed youngsters, Mark and Nadya, and one grandson. 


Dr. Rick A Kushner


A graduate from the Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1977, Dr. Rick A. Kushner is presently the Founder, President, CEO and CFO of Comfort Dental with an approximate net worth of $ 35 million. Comfort Dental is the worlds largest and most successful dental franchise till date.