The Cost of Hair Transplants in Turkey in 2023 May Be Surprising

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Presently, hair transplants have become very successful but also more expensive. Some European countries have more costs for hair transplant surgery. But Turkey is breaking the trend of this high-cost surgery and offering world-class treatment at affordable prices. In fact, more than 1.6 million people visited Turkey for health tourism the previous year. Start an online search to see the cost of hair transplants in Turkey.

To help you make the best decision of choosing the best place for hair transplant surgery, this article presents some information on hair transplants in Turkey.

Why Turkey Is Now The Best Health Tourism And Cheaper Than Ever!

Turkey's health tourism has become a significant hub for many people looking for affordable health treatment across the world. That’s the reason, several foreign people come to Turkish medical tourism.

Turkey's medical tourism is among the top ten health tourism destinations in the world because Turkish health tourism comes with three excellent advantages, including low cost, high-quality medical care, and quick access to world-class treatment.

On the other hand, the country has become one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism due to its affordable prices, high-quality medical care, and quick access to world-class treatment.

Turkey Is Now The Best Place For Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

Due to its largest number of accredited hospitals and clinics, Turkey is now the capital for successful hair transplant surgery. There are several advantages of treatment offered by Turkish medical tourism. Presently, several people from across the world come to Turkish medical tourism to get the best advantages of treatment.

Here are the advantages of treatment offered by Turkish medical tourism.

Low Cost:

Most of us can't afford the high cost of hair transplant treatment, but Turkey can offer us a low-cost treatment of hair transplant. As per the reports, Turkish medical tourism really offers world-class treatment at affordable prices. The cost of hair transplant surgery treatment can be 60-70% cheaper compared to other European countries, attracting several international people looking for reasonable prices for hair transplants. For example, Turkey health tourism has the cost of a heart bypass surgery about $ 10,000, and the USA medical tourism has up to $100,000 for heart bypass surgery.

High-Quality Medical Care:

This is the 2nd advantage of hair transplants in Turkey. In recent years, Turkish medical tourism has invested heavily in medical infrastructure, which is why most clinics and hospitals are well equipped with the latest and high-quality medical equipment, making the country attractive to people looking for high-quality medical care with the latest medical equipment. Thanks to Turkish medical tourism is using the latest medical technologies for many health treatments. For example, most hospitals and clinics in Turkey have robotic surgery systems, resulting in faster recovery times and fewer risks.

Highly Qualified Doctors

Turkey is one of the most popular health tourism among the best health tourism destinations in the world. The country has high-quality doctors who have years of experience in treating a wide range of diseases.

Excellent Climate

There are many cities that are located on the seashore. Patients may enjoy the excellent climate and beautiful nature while treating and recovering from surgery. Also, Turkey's beautiful nature and many natural attractions can help patients reduce stress and recover from treatment or surgery.

Which Treatment Are Available in Turkey?

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the common hair transplant procedures. Turkish hospitals and clinics also use the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure for hair transplant surgery. This procedure consists of extracting individual hair follicles from the back of the head under local anaesthesia and implanting them in the bald or thinning area.

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure of hair transplants because the procedure doesn’t require any incisions or stitches, which means that recovery time from the treatment or surgery is relatively short. As per many reports, FUE is the most in-demand treatment in Turkey for hair transplants because FUE hair transplants in Turkey reveal a high level of satisfaction with the results.

How Long Is The Recovery Time For A Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?

The recovery time for a hair transplant surgery typically depends on the latest techniques used and the individual patient’s healing process. Turkish hospitals and clinics use FUE technology for Individual hair transplant surgery. The FUE procedure generally takes a few days to a few weeks for the recovery period for a hair transplant. However, it’s important to check that everyone’s recovery process from hair transplant treatment or surgery is diverse, and most patients have a faster healing process than others.

Visa For Transplanting Hair In Turkey

Without a medical visa, you can’t go to Turkey for your hair transplant surgery, so you will first require a visa from medical tourism in Turkey to go for hair transplant surgery. The two types of Visas are available to enter Turkey for medical treatment purposes, like a regular medical visa and an electronic visa (e-visa). To see more information about Turkish visas, try an online search.

Find The Best Price For Your Hair Transplant In Turkey Today

If you are ready to get a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you may first need to find the best price for your hair transplants. Presently, Turkey medical tourism may offer you affordable hair transplant surgery, so consider going to Turkey for your hair transplants! You can still save thousands in hair transplant procedures after choosing Turkey.


This is a guide to hair transplants in Turkey. In short, Turkish hospitals and clinics permit people looking for affordable hair transplants in 2023. They use the latest medical technologies for many health treatments. Start an online search to view the most popular Turkish hospitals and clinics with the highest success rates and affordable prices.


Advantages of treatment in Turkey

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