Top Entry-Level Remote Jobs That Anyone Can Do

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Millions of people like to work remotely because of many things, including there is no pressure, time management, extra money, etc. Working remotely everybody wants because remote jobs can be done with regular office jobs. At this time, getting remote jobs is not easier than before because the way of working has changed with the latest technologies and fundamentals. But, many entry-level remote jobs do not require additional skills and qualifications to get them. You can try to get an entry-level remote job with possible experience and degrees. Here we shared a list of 15 Entry Level Remote Jobs that may offer a lot to explore.

Top Entry-Level Jobs in Remote 2023​

Let’s look at top entry-level remote jobs that you should know about them.

Customer Service Representative

One of the most popular remote jobs in the world, the customer service representative requires a high school diploma and possible skills. You can get this entry-level job with your high school diploma and the required skills. In this role, you will be responsible for answering customer phone calls and emails and responding to customers’ questions and concerns. It is the best entry-level remote job offered by many big companies. In this role, you will get an average salary of $35,940 annually in the United States.

Technical Support/Help Desk

The Technical Support/Help Desk is another entry-level remote job in 2023. Many online workers choose this role to be done remotely. It is the best entry-level work-from-home. As a technical support/help desk, you will be part of the company’s technical team and responsible for managing, maintaining, and repairing IT systems. You’ll also diagnose and repair faults, resolve network issues, and install and configure hardware and software. To land your journey with this job, you’ll need a degree in computer science or information technology and possible experience. As per the source, the average salary of technical support/help desk is $69638 per year in the United States.

Online Moderator

The online moderator is an entry-level job that everyone can do it remotely. It is the best entry-level job for online workers who don’t have advanced degrees or qualifications. As an online moderator, you’ll ensure that message board or chat room discussion and review content remain safe, helpful, and friendly. To become an online moderator in a company, you’ll require a bachelor's degree in any discipline and a possible long-standing passion for the internet. The national average salary for an online moderator in the USA is $44,178 annually.

Data Entry

Data Entry is the most popular position because of its use in many companies to manage online databases. This is the best entry-level job with an excellent salary. You’ll transfer paper formats into computer files or database systems as a data entry clerk. A high school diploma and possible experience may be considered excellent to land this position. The average salary for a data entry clerk or operator in the USA is $34381 per year.


Proofreading is the most in-demand job due to its excellent salary. As a proofreader, you’ll catch spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. You’ll also review and correct written material to ensure that it’s free of errors. You can become a remote proofreader with a high school diploma and possible experience. In fact, many entry-level proofreading jobs are available on Fiverr and Upwork, some of which are the best place for remote workers. In addition, the average salary for proofreaders in the USA is $56,191 as of February 27, 2023.

Chat Agents

The Live Chat Agents engage with clients via a company’s live chat software to answer client questions and resolve issues. As a chat agent, you’ll answer customer questions and queries via a company’s live chat software. You will also answer customer questions and resolve issues in real time. A high school diploma and some experience in the related field may be required to land this job. As a chat agent, you will get a salary of $30,151 a year in the USA.

Online Researcher

You will also like online research remote jobs because of their popularity. You’ll identify resources to research recording notes and communicating them to the team. Also, you’ll develop a work plan that satisfies the requirements of a company. The minimum required qualification to land this job is the successful completion of any undergraduate degree. Also, this position requires the solid skills of a successful internet researcher. The average salary for an online researcher is $59,711 a year in the USA.


The Translator is one of the most popular entry-level remote jobs in 2023. Many online workers like to choose the Translator job as it is a high-paying position. Translators convert written materials from one or more ‘source languages’ into 'target language'. They also convert text and audio recordings in one language to one or more others.

This is the best entry-level job for you if you are looking for a remote job. You will get an average salary of $44,305 annually in the USA. An undergraduate degree and possible experience may be required to land this position.


This position is also you'll like. It is the most popular entry-level job at this time. As a salesperson, you’ll be responsible for selling products and meeting customer needs while you’re obtaining orders from existing or potential sales outlets. Generating leads, exceeding sales, and negotiating all contracts with prospective clients is the top of a salesperson's duties.

You can become a salesperson for a company with an undergraduate and possible experience. In addition, the salary for a salesperson ranges from $52,297 and $70,873 in the USA.


The Captioner is another entry-level job that you can get remotely. Captioners are responsible for transcribing television shows and movies for captions during a show or movie. Generally, they use stenotype machines to transcribe television shows and movies. If you have excellent skills related to this position, you can work as a Captioner. According to the source, the salary for a captioner range from $43,163 to $64,015 in the USA.


According to the source, these entry-level jobs are liked by many people. These jobs are the best way for those people who don’t have advanced skills and experience. Try an online search for more details.


Entry-Level Remote Jobs in the USA