Most Haunted Places of Pune that are Scariest to Visit

Most Haunted Places of Pune that are Scariest to Visit

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Check out These Most Haunted Places of Pune that are Scariest to Visit

Pune is one of the fastest cities in India and also known for its IT hub that consist of many IT companies. Pune experiences the most pleasant weather and there are plenty of places to visit but some of them are said to be haunted and it is advisable that you should not visit them alone at night. Let’s explore those places.

The Mansion, Residency Road

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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Local people trust that the soul of an old woman still meanders around this colossal bungalow. Reports propose that one can hear sharp shouts and hyper giggling originating from the bungalow at around midnight. In any case, nothing is thought about how the old woman kicked the bucket.

Chandan Nagar

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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Neighborhood occupants have detailed seeing the spooky figure of a young lady in a white dress with a doll in her grasp. Occupants don't venture out of their homes after 12 pm in the dread of recognizing this nebulous vision. It is trusted that the young lady kicked the bucket in the wake of tumbling down from a building site.

Khadki War Cemetery

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This is a graveyard for officers who laid their lives for the nation yet nobody sets out to come here during the evening. Neighborhood occupants who remain close to the burial ground have griped about hearing yelling hints of troopers, during the evening.

Holkar Bridge

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This extension was worked amid the eighteenth century and now it has been marked as a standout amongst the spookiest places in Pune. Numerous baffling passings have been accounted for during the evening from this very scaffold. Individuals who drive through this scaffold guarantee to have heard shouts and inexplicable clamors that they have no idea about.

The Haunted House, MG Road

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This surrendered house on MG Road, in Pune, is known for some paranormal exercises. Nobody sets foot in this property after the sun goes down. It is trusted that a young lady was ruthlessly killed here. Local people trust that her spirit still meanders around the house.

Sinhagad Fort

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This fortification is a well-known end of the week escape however it is additionally known to be spooky. Local people trust that this post has seen the times of carnage since significant fights were battled here. Numerous guests and local people have whined about hearing odd shouts originating from the stronghold during the evening. A few local people likewise guarantee to hear hints of poles hitting metal.

Choice Hostel

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This young men inn on Karva Road is renowned for paranormal exercises. Understudies who remain in this lodging guarantee to have seen a woman stroll in the halls in a red saree after 12 pm. According to claims, the spooky figure additionally grasps a flame. In any case, the understudies trust that the soul is innocuous.

Victory Theatre, Camp Road

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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The Victory Theater is accepted to be housed in a structure that is totally spooky. Unusual events begin occurring here after dusk. Local people guarantee to have heard brutal chuckling, the squeaking of seats, startling snickers and slamming of seats with no logical reason.

Symbiosis, Viman Road

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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On most nighttime after nightfall, hounds begin yelping at something undetectable for reasons unknown on Viman Nagar. Local people prompt new understudies and new inhabitants to abstain from strolling or walking around Viman street after 12 pm and on full moon evenings. It is trusted that the spirits are the most grounded amid these hours.

Shaniwarwada Fort

Most Haunted Places of Pune

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This superb structure is known for being a standout amongst the spookiest places in Pune. Local people guarantee that the soul of a youthful sovereign named Narayan Rao Peshwa frequents the post. It is trusted that he was severely killed. It is additionally expressed that this stronghold was once devastated because of a huge flame. The soul of those individuals who passed on in the flame likewise wanders around the fortress. Nobody is permitted to enter the stronghold after 6 PM.

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