Amazing Physics Facts that will Blow Your Mind

Amazing Physics Facts that will Blow Your Mind

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Check out These Amazing Physics Facts that will Blow Your Mind

There are plenty of things and theories that discovered in recent times and physics defines them well. There are many physics facts that amaze us always but some of them are truly exceptional ones. Let’s explore them.

Ultimate Universe Expansion

Physics Facts

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It is a saying that the universe is holding many secrets in its chamber and it is true in many manners. Many physicists already proved this thing that the universe is expanding day by day and this will go on till the galaxies evaporation. It is said that only the White Drafts (a sort of star) will survive at the last.

The mystery of Liquids and Microwaves

Physics Facts


It is determined in the many types of research recently that water holds many amazing characteristics and one of them is it can develop plenty of molecular interactions. This would be very useful in heat absorption by food items. After the approval of this property, when we will heat the food in microwave ovens it will become softer than ever.

The universe as a Computer

Physics Facts

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Recently a thesis submitted to MIT by a professor and according to that universe is just similar to a personal computer. The above image consists of the resolution of approximately 10^120 bits. The number was determined by him based on the measure of data that can be put away in a volume just before it receives the properties of a dark hole. The data can be likened to the total entropy of the universe.

Air Current

Physics Facts

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It is determined by the physicists in many theories that the wind speed is always much lower near the surface of the ocean compared to the higher altitudes. The probable reason behind this would be the friction discovered by the surface of the water. That would be the reason most of the birds fly in the higher altitude region that provides them power without wasting much energy.

Gravitational Constant

Physics Facts

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We all grew up by learning that the value of a gravitational constant is equal to 9.8 m/s^2 and it is determined when an object fall down to sea level freely. The point significant is that the free fall ought to be at a scope of 45 degrees from the base dimension so as to acquire this incentive than 90 degrees as accepted by the most.

Viscous Fluids can Flow in High Speed

Physics Facts

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It is pre-assumed and we all know that the viscous fluids can’t flow faster as compared to water that holds low viscous property. But many physicists have proved that some fluids just like tomato ketchup can flow with high speed also. Once this type of fluid will achieve the proper momentum they can flow as faster than others.

Anti-Gravity Movement

Physics Facts

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Water can without much of a stretch keep running against the gravitational draw while climbing limited funnels. The procedure is portrayed as Capillary Action'. Water climbs in the thin spaces with no help and against the gravitational power. This capacity of the fluid demonstrates that gravitational power can't control the development of each issue present on earth. Now and again, different powers (Surface strain, for this situation) can vanquish it.

Human Radiations

Physics Facts

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According to the ongoing investigations and disclosures in the field of Physics, a bare human body always transmits around 1000 watts of warmth and retains around 900 watts. In any case, when the individual covers his body with garments, the surge of the warmth transition decreases extensively because of the outside boundary. The measure of warmth surge from the human body is all that could possibly be needed in lightning up a 100-watt globule for quite a while.

Amazing Hydrogen Energy

Physics Facts

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It is assessed that Sun consumes around 620 million metric huge amounts of hydrogen/second into 616 million metric huge amounts of helium. Out of this absolute volume, around 4 million tons of mass enters the close planetary system. Moreover, just about 3.6 pounds of the mass achieves our earth. Had even 1 percent of the vitality created out of combination contacted us, what might have been the situation?

Light Waves don’t move in Straight Lines always

Physics Facts

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It is, for the most part, trusted that light waves just move in straight lines. Nonetheless, according to the ongoing exploration in 2010 utilizing PC controlled multi-dimensional image, it has been demonstrated that light, as well, can get turned into bunches. As indicated by the examination, when a light goes through the visualization, it turns into various shapes, delivering numerous bunches.

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