6 Amazing Facts About Saifu Ants

6 Amazing Facts About Saifu Ants

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Facts About Saifu Ants

Saifu Ants are one of the most deadliest and ferocious species on earth found in central and east Africa. Saifu Ants have a large group or let's call the largest. Saifu Ants can easily kill a human being just in a few mins. Let's talk about some facts on Saifu Ants.

Saifu Ants

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1. Saifu Ants Travel in Large Groups

Saifu Ants

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Saifu Ants have the largest ant colonies ever. They are very smart when it comes to attacking. Their groups are so large that the can easily kill a human being just in a few numbers of minutes. They can number up to 22 million at a time.

2. Saifu Ants are Carnivores Species

Saifu Ants

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Saifu Ants eat insects found in their pathways like earthworms, bugs, and sometimes animals which are not smart enough to escape from these ferocious predators.

3. Saifu Ants are Very Aggressive

Saifu Ants

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As we have mentioned before these ants are very aggressive and ferocious. Saifu Ants don't like their paths blocked, and if by mistake blocked run as fast as you can.

4. Saifu Ants Bite

Saifu Ants

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Saifu Ants love to attack and bite, their bite is so powerful that people in Africa intentionally make driver ants bite themselves to stitch their open wounds.

5. They are Large in Size

Saifu Ants

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Saifu Ants can be up to an eighth of an inch long, which is quite colossal for the subterranean insect kingdom. Saifu subterranean ant Queen can grow up to two inches in length and are known as the biggest ants on the planet.

6. Saifu Ants Attack By Strategy

Saifu Ants

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As we have already mentioned in the post that Saifu Ants are very smart. Numerous types of Saifu Ants are known to organize and do "strikes" on neighboring states of creepy crawlies, similar to termites. Termites are really a most loved prey of some Saifu Ants species. The Saifu Ants assault the termites and take the dead creepy crawlies back to the province for a feast.

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6 Amazing Facts About Saifu Ants