Strange Flowers from All Over the World | The List of Top 9

Strange Flowers from All Over the World | The List of Top 9

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Check out the List of Top 9 Strange Flowers in the World

The world is full of beautiful things some of them are common and some of them are very unique and unusual. There are plenty of species of strange flowers in the world. Let’s check out them.

#1 Laughing Bumblebee Orchid

Strange Flowers

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The alluring this type of orchid or Ophrys bombyliflora blooms and one of the strange flowers develop in the Canary Islands, Turkey, and Lebanon. The expansive sepals, little bronze shaded petals and tanish lip of this abnormal bloom look like an alluring female honey bee. In that way, this mind-blowing blossom act likes female pollinator.

#2 Naked Man Orchid

Strange Flowers


This type of local to the Mediterranean are otherwise called 'bare man orchid'. This amazing bloom looks like a bare man with a grinning face. The plant develops at a mentality of 1300 meters and reaches up to a tallness of 20 inches. The exposed man orchid sprouts from March to April. The alluring blossoms show up in extensive bunches and show shades of splendid pink to purple.

#3 Flying Duck Orchid

Strange Flowers

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The Celena major or flying duck orchid is one of the most astonishing blossoms of Australia. The plant is called as flying duck orchid since its blossom has 'duck in flight' like shape. This astounding blossoming plant just develops in Southern and Eastern Australia. The blooms of this appealing orchid species are in dark colored to purple. The sepals and petals of the plant just have a length of 1.5 cm.

#4 Hooker’s Lip Flower

Strange Flowers

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The Psychotria elata blooming plant and one of the strange flowers are known as Hooker's lips due to its brilliant red bracts that resemble succulent lips. The Psychotria elata is viewed as the most kissable plant on the planet. It develops in the rain woodlands of South and Central America. Shockingly this alluring red lip like the state of this bloom stays for a brief timeframe. After that, the lip like shape vanishes from the plant to new little white blossom develop from the focus of huge red bracts.

#5 Dancing Lady Orchid

Strange Flowers

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These orchids (Oncidium) are named after their unmistakably molded blossoms. The little upper part and the vast lip of the bloom looks like a moving woman. The oncidium plants develop in tropical and subtropical locales of South America, Central America, and Mexico. This alluring orchid blossoms accessible year around. There are many blooms develop in each part of the plant.

#6 White Egret Orchid

Strange Flowers

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White egret orchid or pectoralis radiata is a strikingly wonderful blossoming plant local to Asia. It is otherwise called bordered orchid and Sagiso. The plant blossoms in summer and have alluring magnificent white blooms. The blossoms resemble the blanketed egret fowl in flight. The little blossoms just have a width of 4 cm. The immaculate white petals resemble the tail of a feathered creature.

#7 The Swaddled Babies Orchid

Strange Flowers

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The colorful swaddle babies orchid or anguloa uniflora blooms and one of the strange flowers are local to Colombian Andes of South America. The blossoms have an opening in their upper parts and inside resemble a swaddled infant. The blossoms likewise have a pivoted lip. The anguloa uniflora plant sprout in summer. The expansive waxy blooms grow 10 cm crosswise over and they are exceptionally fragrant.

#8 Happy Alien Flower

Strange Flowers

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This odd-looking lasting plant is local to South America. The glad outsider plant is otherwise called 'Darwin's slipping bloom'. This interesting plant was found by Charles Darwin in the middle of 1831-1836. The blossom looks like the cheerful confronted outsider with the void white plate in its grasp. The cheerful outsider plants are likewise found in the rough snow-capped landscapes of the Southern locales of South America. So for a spectator, it would seem that an absolutely odd blooming plant in an outsider planet.

#9 Black Bat Flower

Strange Flowers

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This type of flower or Tacca chantireri is an unordinary blooming plant and one of the strange flowers that found in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and East Asia. As its name shows the plant has one of a kind bat-molded purple-dark blooms. This unusual bloom grows 12 creeps crosswise over and has long stems which reach up to a length of 28 inches. The long dark stems or bristles make 'bat in flight' like the appearance of this strange bloom.

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