Top 10 Big Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

Top 10 Big Lottery Winners Who Lost It All

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Nowadays, winning the lottery is a pipe dream of every people. Winning a lottery everybody wants. About 70 percent of people who have tried to win the lottery have been unable to win the lottery many times.

We all know that everything can do after winning the lottery. When someone gets a big windfall of cash, fair-whether friends, and distant relatives then they may even kidnap or murder the unlucky lottery winner to get it. After winning the lottery, we also may include in big trouble like kidnapping. Today, we’ll talk about such people who won the lottery and lost everything.

Let’s take a list of the top 10 big lottery winners who lost everything after winning the lottery.

10. Jeffrey Dampier

winning amount: $20 million


In 1996, Jeffrey Dampier and his then-wife won the Illinois Lottery jackpot worth US $20 million. He worked as a security guard before winning the Illinois Lottery jackpot worth US $20 million.  After winning the lottery jackpot, they divorced soon and split the winning amount 50/50.

He had a sizable bank account when he met Crystal Jackson. Dampier got married to Crystal Jackson and both eventually moved to Tampa Bay, Florida.

As per the report by the media, Dampier was murdered by his sister-in-law and his boyfriend Nathaniel Jackson in the year 2005.

9. Abraham Shakespeare

winning amount: $30 million


Abraham Shakespeare is another person who won a lottery worth $30 million in 2006. He won the Florida Lotto jackpot and chose his earnings in one lump sum. He then moved out of his middle-class Lakeland neighborhood.

After a few months of winning the lottery, Shakespeare was dismayed by just many people, from friends to strangers. After, he met one person, Dorice Donegan "Dee-Dee" Moore, who was become his business partner.  Dee-Dee gave herself control of the company’s fund and bought herself millions of vehicles and more. She would later claim against Shakespeare for unexpected money.

As per the report by the media, Shakespeare was reported missing from Dee-Dee's house. Investigators found Shakespeare's body buried under a concrete slab in her boyfriend's backyard.

8. David Lee Edwards

winning amount: $27 million


The next lottery winner is David Lee Edwards, who lost everything after winning a lottery jackpot. He is a person who lost his earnings in five years. He and his wife, Shawna, spend his one-time payout to buy two homes in one of Florida's gated communities, a Lamborghini Diablo, and a Dodge Viper. He bought a private jet.

Soon, he and his wife, Shawna, became addicted to drugs. Edwards also supplied drugs to his friends, and when his friends died from overdoses of drugs, he paid for their funerals. By happening these types of activities, the couple lost everything in only five years. As per the report by the media, in 2013, he died penniless and alone in hospice at age 58.

7. Alex and Rhoda Toth

winning amount: $13 million


Alex Toth won the jackpot of the Florida Lottery in 1990. He and then-his wife chose to take their earnings in installments, which amounted to about $666,666 a year. After winning the lottery, they lived a high and luxurious life, from traveling the world to meeting well celebrities.

Later, Alex became addicted to gambling. He lost earnings in gambling every day in Las Vegas for three months, living in a room with a high-cost charge. The couple fell into many big troubles, including tax fraud. He was claimed with $2.5 million in overdue charges. As per the source, Alex Toth died at the age of 60.

6. William 'Bud' Post III

winning amount: $16.2 million


William 'Bud' Post III was a middle-class man who tried to get a lot of money but his dream of winning the lottery was completed in 1988. He won the Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot worth $16.2 million. William chose to get his earnings in installments. He spent his earnings by buying everything from a restaurant and used car business for his siblings to a high-featured mansion and a private jet for himself.

His real brother tried later to kill him for the money. He also shared his winnings with Ann Karpik, his landlady and occasional girlfriend.  William died at the age of 66 in 2006.

5. Michael Carroll

winning amount: £9,736,131


Michael Carroll won Scotland's Lotto when he was at the age 19 in 2002. He is another lottery winner who lost everything after winning the lottery.

He struggled through life as a trash collector before he won Scotland's Lotto worth £9,736,131. He quickly blew the money on drugs, fast cars, and women. Later his five dogs are killed, and blackmailers threatened his family. He completely lost his jackpot money in eight years. Later, he again joined his trash collector job after broking himself.

4. James Hayes

winning amount: $19 million


James Hayes bought a winning Quick Pick Lottery ticket at a USA Gas Station when he was 35 years old. He won the jackpot of a lifetime in 1998 and lost his winning amount on Lamborghinis and Vegas gambling trips. He also lived the high life after winning the jackpot of the Quick Pick Lottery worth $19 million. Later he included in big trouble and declared bankruptcy in 2007.

James Hayes robbed or attempted to rob 11 banks in 2017 and turned to crime.

3. Janite Lee

winning amount: $18 million


Janite Lee is another person who lost everything after winning a jackpot lottery. In 1993, Janite Lee won the Illinois lottery worth $18 million while working at a wig shop. She moved her family into a gated community in St. Louis, Missouri. She lost her winnings to someone other than herself.

Eight years later, when Lee filed for bankruptcy, she had less than $700 in the bank and $2.5 million in debt. But, Lee’s donations were well-intentioned, and she simply gave too much.

2. Billy Bob Harrell Jr.

winning amount: $31 million


Billie Bob Harrell Jr. Bought a winning Texas Lotto ticket in 1997. He won the Texas Lotto jackpot in June 1997 and chose to take his winnings in one lump sum. He spent his winnings on family vacations, donated to his church, bought a luxury mansion for his family, and bought luxury items for friends and family. Later, he died by suicide in 1999. But he said before he died, “Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me."

1. Jack Whittaker

winning amount: $315 million


Jack Whittaker is a person who won the lottery jackpot in 2002. He was already a rich person when he won the lottery jackpot in 2002.

Jack spent his winning amount on drinking and hanging out at strip clubs. He was robbed many times, and his bank account had been drained. When his mother died, his house burned to the ground with everything inside.

As per the report, he died in the year 2002.

To Conclude:

These people won the lottery jackpots and lost everything. They spend their winnings on the family and others. This information is for your general information purpose. Try an online search to know more.

Top 10 Big Lottery Winners Who Lost It All