Voice Access APK | What is Voice Access App and How to Download

Voice Access APK | What is Voice Access App and How to Download

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Now technology is getting better day by day and making the lives easier. In the same way, Google has launched its new app named Voice Access APK, the app is truly amazing. The Voice Access APK allows the user to use their phone with voice control without touching on the screen.

The main functionality of the voice access app is to provide the user a feasibility to access their smartphone by their voice and instructions. This would be the better idea for also the disabled people who can not access their phone on their own. Just explore the below video to understand the complete functionality of the app.

Voice Access APK is amazingly useful especially for physically disabled people who can’t use phone physically. Although the app is in its unreleased condition so if you use this app right away then you can find some issues. To get help about this app use this link. Help Voice Access APK

You can download the Voice Access APK freely from here.

Download Voice Access APK

Voice Access APK


The Voice Access APK currently works on commands that are given in English language only and facilitates you with-

Navigation and basics from any screen from your mobile by saying ‘go home’ or ‘go back’

Uses the gestures like ‘scroll down’ or ‘click next’

Follows the text commands like ‘replace coffee with tea’ or ‘type hello’

Google Voice Access APK


You can get the help from the app from any screen by just saying ‘What can I say?’ or you can explore all the commands by clicking on ‘Show all Commands’ in Settings of the app.

To enable the app for the first time just go to your mobile Settings and click on Accessibility tab. Under that tab just explore the Voice Access APK and turn it on. The app also provides the complete tutorial that explains that how to use this app.