Mouth Watering West Bengal Food Items

Mouth Watering West Bengal Food Items

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Lip Smacking West Bengal Food Items

West Bengal is famous for many things like sarees, Howrah bridge, trams, West Bengal Food etc. West Bengal Food is famous across entire India. Milkcakes, fish recipes, sweet dishes, and many another veg, non - veg food items. So here is a list of some famous mouth-watering West Bengal Food items down below.


West Bengal Food

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A sweet dish made with purely condensed milk is a popular West Bengal Food one must give a try. 

Mutton Biryani

West Bengal Food

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Each part of india has a different way of cooking biryani so does West Bengal. Loaded with the rich smell of flavors and ghee, the lamb biryani is essentially paradise. Succulent, delicate bits of sheep, broiled with the biryani on a Tava.

Begun Bhaja

West Bengal Food

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A fried rice coated snack made of brinjals is a tasty, crunchy West Bengal Food enjoyed with chat masala and black salt sprinkled on it.

Mangsher Singara

West Bengal Food

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Mutton keema pockets or samosa's, an amazing snack to enjoy with tea or coffee.

Kolar Bora

West Bengal Food

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Prepared with ripe bananas, grated coconut, sugar and maida give a great crunchy sweet taste to Kolar Bora. 

Mishti Doi

West Bengal Food

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Its a yogurt has a thick and dense texture, just like ice cream. Its a famous Bengali dish served on special occasions. 

Ilish Macher Jhol

West Bengal Food

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Also called Hilsa or ilish fish curry arranged with Nigella seeds and stew to give it the required adjust that makes it so great.

Tangra Macher Jhol

West Bengal Food

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Tangra fish is a Catfish that is found in the freshwater bodies possess large amounts of the locale. The fish is set up with newly ground flavors, and the thin curry is light on the stomach and furthermore especially delectable as well.


West Bengal Food

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Saffron dipped pan cake is a big hit amongst West Bengal Food. Made of flour, ghee, dry fruits etc to give it a smooth soft taste. 

Aloo Potol Posto

West Bengal Food

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Prepared with potatoes and pointed gourd, finish with red and green chilies and here and there coconut puree to add some truly necessary flavor to it.

These were some West Bengal Food dishes for you watering mouth. We hope you liked the post. Please share if you liked it.

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Mouth Watering West Bengal Food Items