Angelica Kenova | Meet the Barbie Girl of the World

Angelica Kenova | Meet the Barbie Girl of the World

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Angelica Kenova is sweeping the web with her remarkable doll looks. She's a twenty-eight year old from Moscow, Russian Federation, and also as describes she lives with her hyper-controlling parents that are managing the life of her in order, therefore, she could are like that.

I never judge some parent's options. Whether it is a parent that seems given up at their toddler hurling a tantrum at the grocery store or even one who's continuously lacking from their daughter's very little league training you do not know a family's past, background, and context.

Angelica Kenova

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Growing upwards, my mother and father brought up me just like a princess and don't allow me to go out, day companies or even have the usual adult happenings,' Angelica says. As an outcome, I'm not fit for a life that is real? I am as a living doll.'

Her mom Natalia has dressed her in place to be a Barbie doll after the birth of her, and naturally, the tradition has carried on to her late 20's. You have to confess she does look no less than ten years younger because of to the diet and the way and exercise regime they dress her.

Angelica Kenova

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She states that she is permitted to go to dates with no one her mom being there monitoring the scenario, also says that now she's a kid psychologist by profession, a ballet dancer as well as an Instagram model enjoying to half-naked photos.

I figure out with him for 2 to 3 hours, five times each week, to keep the beautiful figure of mine, Kenova says. Her routine includes a combination of a diet, morning jogs, cardio, and weight training that she has a secret.

Angelica Kenova

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Unless someone is undoubtedly harming the kids of theirs, my policy is it is nobody's business. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that when I noticed Angelica Kenova's story, a female whose mother and father brought up her to be a man Barbie Doll, I could not help but raise an eyebrow.

Angelica's story is not short of parents that fancy themselves as contemporary Pygmalions. From the moment Angelica was a bit of female and also today as an adult, she's been described a princess by her father and mother. They do not allow her to make some choices about the life of her. All from her look to just who she dates is purely dictated by the parents of her.

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