Microblading and Micropigmentation Eyebrow, Head Hairline and Tattooing's Safety, Procedure and Costs

Microblading and Micropigmentation Eyebrow, Head Hairline and Tattooing's Safety, Procedure and Costs

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What is Microblading? | HOW, WHERE, PAIN?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is the type of tattooing, unlike basic tattoo procedure, in Microblading pigments are fixed or infused below the skin manually with handheld tool instead of a machine. An Artist Aava speaks that she draws hair like strokes using a tool which mimic natural hairs of the eyebrows.

How much Microblading Cost?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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Microblading procedure costs around $350 to $800 as a process it is just the practice of infusing pigment with minute strokes using microblade in a semi permanent fashion just alike your existing eyebrows.

Is Microblading and Tattooing the same thing?

Tattooing and microblading

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If you are beginner to the permanent makeup stories, then you must not be aware that microbladiing is not just same as eyebrow tattooing. Although microblading technically is sort of tattooing only but a difference exists between the two, Microblade artists employ pigments while tattoo artists employ liquid ink.

How Long does a Microbladiing Eyebrow Last?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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Mircroblading also known by another name Eyebrow embroidery is the technique that falls under the category of permanent makeup. Differing with traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less permanent but semi permanent. Microblading fairly speaking lasts for 1 to 3 years depending on the skin type or skin texture and skincare routines. In this a microblade is deployed to inject pigments below skin. It is a new practice that is carried out manually.

Is Microblading Eyebrows Painful?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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If someone desires to have fuller eyebrows, or if brows just do not grow in certain spots, then he might opt for microblading, Microblading is quite more an uncomfortable procedure than painful, though it depends on his or her ability to bear the pain during the procedure.

Is Microblading Expensive?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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The typical cost of Microblading nearly costs ranging from 15,263 INR - 39,005 INR, although average cost range to 30,526 INR based on the patient reviews

Microblading and Micropigmentation a new Technique to Restore Sparse Brows and Sparse Head


How Permanent is Microblading?

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows

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Microblading is a meticulous tattooing procedure that is available to anyone who desires for semi permanent solution to sparse eyebrows. A micro blade is deployed to inject ink throughout the brow area in upper epidermis of the skin that brings out a natural looking filter lasting one to three years.

Is Microblading and Micropigmentation the Same Thing?

Microblading Micropigmentation hairline

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Micropigmentation is also a semi permanent makeup procedure and is carried out using a digital machine instead of fine hand held blade. The colour pigment is injected deeper into the skin which is known as dermis therefore it stands longer than Microblading or eyebrow embroidery procedure.

How Long does Permanent Brows Last

Microblading Micropigmentation eyebrows


This varies between individual to Individual and depends on the type of particular shade that is being used. While most colors stay for about three to five years, while some of them may not fade for as long as 10 years. Periodic improvements are required to maintain the desired look. You can also wish to alter colors for permanent makeup.

Is Micropigmentation Permanent?

Microblading Micropigmentation

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Micropigmentation or Permanent Make Up is the all new procedure of injecting mineral pigments which are not likely to cause an allergic reaction, into the dermal layers of the skin. This treatment is also known as everlasting make up or cosmetic tattooing.

What is Hairline Ink?

Microblading Micropigmentation hairline

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The procedure employed for Hairline Ink is very advanced style of Scalp Micropigmentation which not only cover scars, but it gives a denser look of fuller head of hair by adding density to existing hair, or giving a look of shaven head as per requirement of the client .

Is Cosmetic Tattooing Safe.

Microblading Micropigmentation hairline

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Opting for Permanent makeup for the skin may look simple and suitable but like any other surgical treatment, it also bears some risks. Charming red lips, wonderful eyebrows, and smooth eyeliners... Etc.  Not anything replaces these cosmetic tattoos, but if carried out by a skilled expert the method in normally safe and sound.


Microblading and Micropigmentation Eyebrow, Head Hairline and Tattooing's Safety, Procedure and Costs