Top Ten Celebrity Embarrassing Moments That are too famous on The Internet horizon

Top Ten Celebrity Embarrassing Moments That are too famous on The Internet horizon

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From bloopers to celebrities making themselves fools in front of millions of live people became a fashion. Live shows are more likely a hit or a miss and that is what that makes them interesting.

People are curious to know what's going to happen and most shows completely nail it! There have been many embarrassing moments on live. Some of them are funny and some are not! Let's have a look at some of the top hits in this list. 

Top Ten Celebrity Embarrassing Moments That are too famous on The Internet horizon

Twilight actress dropping her Statue at MTV Awards

Kristina Sturwart's embarrass moment at MTV Awards Night

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Kristen Stewart, the Twilight star is equally loved and hated by many people. But her role in the Twilight, one of the most popular movies ever made her popular. She was awarded a statue at MTV awards. But, unfortunately she couldn't make it home!

Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence's embarrass moment at Awards Night


Jennifer Lawrence, one of the famous celebrities also experienced the most embarrassing moments at the Oscars. With her performance in Hunger Games and X-Men franchise, she won the hearts of many people.

Wendy Williams passes out!

Wendy Williams embarrass moment @ Live Tv show


The popular TV star Wendy Williams hosts a lot of shows which are live. She surprised everyone when she passed out during a show. Ever since this happened, people used this situation and made a GIF of that for trolling.

Reporter interrupted by a Dog

English News Anchor Interrupted by a dog

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Bloopers, the most hilarious news network online is definitely outstanding. The mistakes they do can range from all sorts of interruptions. There is one situation where a Russian reporter went viral when she was interrupted by a dog. This is insane!

The Weather Girl !

Most Famous and Hot Weather anchor Girl

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The funniest thing that can ever happen to a weather reporter is when one gets absorbed by weather themselves. This happened to a reporter at Bloopers and she even said for herself that, she is the weather. Lol, how funny is this?

Nicki Minaj's Wardrobe Malfunction

Nicki Minaj's wardrobe Malfunction embarrassing moment at MTV Awards Night

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Another most embarrassing moment happened to Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs. This clever, pretty and clever rapper known as the Queen of Rap, is so intelligent that she covered that awkward moment into her advantage.

Three Anchors All Wore White

News Reporter embarrassing moment at


One of the most hilarious and embarrassing moments in news television in the year of 2017 was a bizarre moment when all three news anchors on a network wore white. This might not seem like such a big deal to some, but women know that it's definitely a big deal when someone wears the same outfit to you at a party or event. That was why this situation got blown out of proportion, and the women started bickering with each other over this fashion faux-pas.

One woman complained to another that she had ignored the advice of the network, and purposely gone against the instruction of the wardrobe department just to make the others look bad. It was like a scene out of the movie Mean Girls, and all three women couldn't get out of high school mode and get on with their jobs

Chrissy Teigen's 'Slip' During The Superbowl

Chrissy Teigne 'Slip' during The superbowl embarrassing moment

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Chrissy Teigen is one of the most popular celebs today, and she's recently got a lot of praise for her amazing body even after giving birth to her children. Unfortunately for her, this body was accidentally shown to the public during the Super Bowl, when Chrissy was sitting with her husband John Legend watching the show. As per usual, the camera panned around the stands and spotted the two celebs, and zoomed in on the two stars to offer some variety to the sports programming.

But unfortunately, the cameras spotted a lot more than Chrissy Teigen wanted them to. Her shirt came open at the wrong time, and her braless chest underneath was instantly broadcast to millions of people around America and the entire world. It was an embarrassing moment that people will never forget.

When They Announced The Wrong Winner At The Academy Awards

When They Announced The Wrong Winner At The Academy Awards

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This year's Academy Awards was definitely one of the most bizarre in recent memory. The awards ceremony had tons of great movies to talk about and issue awards to, as well as many great actors and actresses that definitely deserved recognition. But by far the most prized trophy that night was the Best Picture award. There were a few movies nominated for the award, and this included La La Land and Moonlight. But nobody expected the crazy debacle that would happen when this award was given.

Some kind of mistake was made, and the award was given to the wrong movie - that being La La Land. The entire cast and main crew walked on to the stage, and they actually had the award in their hands. Then, out of nowhere, a man rushed onto the stage and informed the crowd that the wrong movie had been given the award, and that Moonlight actually won. The "winners" were forced to awkwardly hand the award over to the other people.






Top Ten Celebrity Embarrassing Moments That are too famous on The Internet horizon